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 End-User Documentation

Scale Settings

ASPxTrackBar supports full scale customization. You can customize value selection look-and-feel, the scale layout and appearance.

Expanded Value Selection Look-And-Feel

Value selection look-and-feel scale settings include:

The table below demonstrates how different properties affect scale appearance.

Scale View Affected Properties

MinValue = 0

MaxValue = 50

LargeTickStartValue = 0

LargeTickEndValue = 50

SmallTickFrequency = 5

LargeTickInterval = 10

MinValue = 0

MaxValue = 50

LargeTickStartValue = 5

LargeTickEndValue = 45

SmallTickFrequency = 5

LargeTickInterval = 10

MinValue = 0

MaxValue = 11

LargeTickStartValue = 0.5

LargeTickEndValue = 10.5

SmallTickFrequency = 1

LargeTickInterval = 2

MinValue = -10

MaxValue = 30

LargeTickStartValue = 0

LargeTickEndValue = 30

SmallTickFrequency = 8

LargeTickInterval = 10

The ASPxTrackBar.Step property defines the minimal value (increment/decrement) by which end-users can change the drag handle position.

Expanded Scale Layout And Appearence

The ASPxTrackBar control supports scale layout customization. Here are the properties that affect it:

The table below demonstrates how different properties affect a scale layout.

Scale Layout Affected Properties

ScaleLabelHighLightMode = AlongBarHighLight

ValueToolTipPosition = RightOrBottom

ScalePosition = LeftOrTop

ScaleLabelHighLightMode = HandlePosition

ValueToolTipPosition = LeftOrTop

ScalePosition = Both

ScaleLabelHighLightMode = None

ValueToolTipPosition = None

ScalePosition = RightOrBottom

Note that the scale style can be flexibly customized with the ASPxTrackBar.ScaleStyle property.

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