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     How to: Add a New Card when the Edit Form is Always Visible
     How to: Add an Unbound Column to Supply Additional Data
     How to: Add and Initialize a New Card
     How to: Add Custom Filter Values to the Filter Dropdown
     How to: Bind the ASPxCardView to Data Created at Runtime (DataTable)
     How to: Bind to an ArrayList
     How to: Calculate Custom Total Summaries
     How to: Calculate Values on the Fly in Batch Edit Mode
     How to: Change the Visibility of Check Boxes in Multi-Selection Mode
     How to: Create a Custom Command Button
     How to: Create an ASPxCardView at Runtime
     How to: Create Total Summaries
     How to: Customize Command Buttons in Individual Cards
     How to: Delete Selected Cards
     How to: Display Detail Data within a Popup Window
     How to: Display Master-Detail Tables in Two Grids on Separate Tabs of a PageControl
     How to: Display Real-Time Data
     How to: Draw Columns in an Exported Document
     How to: Dynamically Display the Focused Card's Values Outside the ASPxCardView
     How to: Export ASPxCardView Data as a PDF
     How to: Export Images from a Column of the CardViewImageColumn Type
     How to: Export Only Selected Cards
     How to: Filter Data by Multiple Columns
     How to: Focus a Card Which is not Displayed on the Current Page
     How to: Focus a Newly Inserted Card
     How to: Highlight the Text Placed Inside the DataItem Template During Searching
     How to: Implement a Summary Whose Value Depends upon an External Editor Value
     How to: Implement Custom Date Validation in Batch Edit Mode
     How to: Implement Custom Sorting
     How to: Implement Data Editing When a CardView is Bound to a Table Created At Runtime
     How to: Iterate through Column Editors on the Client
     How to: Programmatically Change a Column's Filter in the FilterExpression
     How to: Prohibit a User from Editing Cards Containing Specific Information
     How to: Provide Custom Display Text for Data Cells
     How to: Provide Custom Header Filter Items
     How to: Save and Restore the ASPxCardView's Layout
     How to: Save Changes and Switch to Browse Mode by Clicking ENTER
     How to: Select Cards That Contain the Specified Value
     How to: Show a Complex Property Value in DataItemTemplate of a Column
     How to: Show ASPxCardView's Detail Information in ASPxDataView
     How to: Show Detail Information in a Separate ASPxCardView
     How to: Show Values of Selected Cards within a Listbox
     How to: Specify the CommandButtons and Custom CommandButtons properties
     How to: Switch ASPxCardView to an Edit Mode by Double-Clicking a Card
     How to: Update an External Control During a Callback
     How to: Update Total Summaries on the Client Side in Batch Edit Mode
     How to: Use a Hyperlink in CardView Column Cells
     How to: Use HTML Tags in Text within the Header Filter's Items
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How to: Update an External Control During a Callback

By default, the ASPxCardView works during callbacks and there's no way to update an external control (that isn't a child control of the callback owner) on the server side.

The following article describes this limitation in detail: The Concept of Callbacks

This example covers both the JSProperties feature of the ASPxCardView that allows passing a value from the server to the client and the client-side ASPxClientCardView.EndCallback event, which is raised each time a callback is executed successfully. It is possible to set a JSProperty on the server, get it on the EndCallback, and change the "target" control using its client-side capabilities. This example illustrates how to use the ASPxLabel to identify that the grid was successfully updated.

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