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     How to: Add a New Card when the Edit Form is Always Visible
     How to: Add an Unbound Column to Supply Additional Data
     How to: Add and Initialize a New Card
     How to: Add Custom Filter Values to the Filter Dropdown
     How to: Bind the ASPxCardView to Data Created at Runtime (DataTable)
     How to: Bind to an ArrayList
     How to: Calculate Custom Total Summaries
     How to: Calculate Values on the Fly in Batch Edit Mode
     How to: Change the Visibility of Check Boxes in Multi-Selection Mode
     How to: Create a Custom Command Button
     How to: Create an ASPxCardView at Runtime
     How to: Create Total Summaries
     How to: Customize Command Buttons in Individual Cards
     How to: Delete Selected Cards
     How to: Display Detail Data within a Popup Window
     How to: Display Master-Detail Tables in Two Grids on Separate Tabs of a PageControl
     How to: Display Real-Time Data
     How to: Draw Columns in an Exported Document
     How to: Dynamically Display the Focused Card's Values Outside the ASPxCardView
     How to: Export ASPxCardView Data as a PDF
     How to: Export Images from a Column of the CardViewImageColumn Type
     How to: Export Only Selected Cards
     How to: Filter Data by Multiple Columns
     How to: Focus a Card Which is not Displayed on the Current Page
     How to: Focus a Newly Inserted Card
     How to: Highlight the Text Placed Inside the DataItem Template During Searching
     How to: Implement a Summary Whose Value Depends upon an External Editor Value
     How to: Implement Custom Date Validation in Batch Edit Mode
     How to: Implement Custom Sorting
     How to: Implement Data Editing When a CardView is Bound to a Table Created At Runtime
     How to: Iterate through Column Editors on the Client
     How to: Programmatically Change a Column's Filter in the FilterExpression
     How to: Prohibit a User from Editing Cards Containing Specific Information
     How to: Provide Custom Display Text for Data Cells
     How to: Provide Custom Header Filter Items
     How to: Save and Restore the ASPxCardView's Layout
     How to: Save Changes and Switch to Browse Mode by Clicking ENTER
     How to: Select Cards That Contain the Specified Value
     How to: Show a Complex Property Value in DataItemTemplate of a Column
     How to: Show ASPxCardView's Detail Information in ASPxDataView
     How to: Show Detail Information in a Separate ASPxCardView
     How to: Show Values of Selected Cards within a Listbox
     How to: Specify the CommandButtons and Custom CommandButtons properties
     How to: Switch ASPxCardView to an Edit Mode by Double-Clicking a Card
     How to: Update an External Control During a Callback
     How to: Update Total Summaries on the Client Side in Batch Edit Mode
     How to: Use a Hyperlink in CardView Column Cells
     How to: Use HTML Tags in Text within the Header Filter's Items
     How to: Validate Cards
     How to: Validate Data On the Client
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How to: Specify the CommandButtons and Custom CommandButtons properties

The example demonstrates how to specify the CommandButtons and Custom CommandButtons properties by handling the CommandButtonInitialize and CustomButtonInitialize events. The DataRows' VisibleIndex property and criteria set based on field values are used to determine the buttons' visibility.

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