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Header Filter

Column headers can display Excel-style filter buttons. Clicking a filter button invokes the header filter popup window, which enables you to apply filter criteria against this column.

The header filter can operate in one of four modes: List and CheckedList modes are available for all grid columns; DateRangeCalendar and DateRangePicker modes are available for date columns only.

The mode is specified at the column level using the GridDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings.Mode property.

For more information, refer to the Header Filter topic.


The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Element Members
Button Panel GridViewHeaderFilterPopupStyle.ButtonPanel
Cancel Button ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.HeaderFilterCancelButton
Filter Button ASPxGridSettings.ShowHeaderFilterButton, GridViewImages.HeaderFilter
Ok Button ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.HeaderFilterOkButton
Items GridViewStyles.HeaderFilterItem,ASPxGridView.HeaderFilterFillItems,ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.HeaderFilterMaxRowCount
Select All Item ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.HeaderFilterSelectAll
Show All Item ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.HeaderFilterShowAll
Show Blanks Item ASPxGridSettings.ShowHeaderFilterBlankItems, ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.HeaderFilterShowBlanks
Show Non Blanks Item ASPxGridSettings.ShowHeaderFilterBlankItems, ASPxGridTextSettingsBase.HeaderFilterShowNonBlanks
General GridViewPopupControlStyles.HeaderFilter, ASPxGridViewPopupControlSettings.HeaderFilter
Close on Escape GridHeaderFilterPopupSettings.CloseOnEscape
Date Range Calendar Properties GridViewDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings.DateRangeCalendarSettings
Date Range Picker Properties GridViewDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings.DateRangePickerSettings
Date Range Periods Visibility GridViewDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings.DateRangePeriodsSettings

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