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 End-User Documentation

Content Element Filtering

The ASPxHtmlEditor provides you with the ability to automatically filter content elements. You can specify filter rules for the following elements: tags, attributes, and style attributes.

For every element type, the ASPxHtmlEditor control provides a property listing filtered elements and a property specifying the filter mode.

The filter mode properties can be set to one of the following values.

  • WhiteList - the specified elements are allowed and will be maintained; other elements will be removed.
  • BlackList - the specified elements are prohibited and will be removed; other elements will be maintained.

Expanded Example

This code sample demonstrates how to specify the following content element filtering settings.

  • All cellspacing and cellpadding attributes should be removed from the editor content.
  • All tags with the exception of specified ones (a, p, span, img, ul, li, table, tr, td) should be removed from the editor content.

View the Demo

To see this feature in action, please refer to the following online demo: Content Element Filtering

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