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Included Components

The table below lists currently available DevExpress Extensions for ASP.NET MVC.

Extension Name Description
GridView Provides a two-dimensional representation of data from a bound data source in a grid format.
CardView Represents data from a bound data source in cards.
HtmlEditor A WYSIWYG HTML editor extension for ASP.NET MVC.
PivotGrid Provides a multi-dimensional representation of data in a cross-tab format.
Query Builder Allows end-users to visually create and edit SQL queries.
RichEdit A Word-inspired extension that allows you to introduce a rich text editing functionality to any ASP.NET MVC application with ease.
SpellChecker A non-visual extension used to check the spelling of text contained in text editing controls.
Spreadsheet An Excel-inspired extension that allows you to introduce spreadsheet functionality to any ASP.NET MVC application.
TreeList Can display information as a TREE, a GRID, or a combination of both - in either a data bound or unbound mode.
Image and Data Browsing:  
DataView An extension to arrange data record placeholders and provide navigation between them. Record content is then fully customizable with templates.
ImageSlider A data extension that is used to display and navigate images.
ImageGallery A data extension that displays image collections using a tabular layout with dynamic layout adaptation, an integrated pager and a built-in image slider.
ImageZoom An extension that allows your end-users to view a magnified portion of a small image on mouse hover.
Docking and Popups:  
DockManager A non-visual component that allows you to provide a centralized programmatic control of all docking panels and docking zones contained within a page.
DockPanel A panel that acts as a container for other elements and can be dragged around a web page and docked in docking zones.
DockZone A container where docking panels can be docked.
LoadingPanel A loading panel, which can be invoked dynamically, capable of displaying text and images.
PopupControl Allows you to introduce popup windows into your web application.
Hint A hint extension.
File Management:  
FileManager An Explorer-like extension providing your end-users with the capability to manage files and folders.
UploadControl Allows files from the client computer to be uploaded and saved on the server.
Navigation Extensions:  
FormLayout A container of items that arranges them in single or multiple rows and columns.
Menu A navigation menu extension.
NavBar Allows you to display a number of items arranged into different expandable groups.
PageControl A navigation extension made up of multiple tabbed pages, which serve as containers for child controls.
PopupMenu Allows you to provide context-sensitive action lists to end-users.
Splitter Allows you to organize web page content layout by dividing it across multiple content panes.
TabControl Allows you to build tabbed interfaces on web pages.
TreeView Displays a hierarchical collection of labeled items.
Multi-Use Site Extensions:  
RatingControl Allows users to rate web site content by clicking icons that represent ratings ("stars" by default).
CallbackPanel Acts as a container for other controls and allows its content to be updated using callbacks.
RoundPanel A container panel with rounded corners.
Data Editors Extensions:  
An editor for displaying binary images.
Button A button control.
A text editor that allows you to display buttons within an edit box.
A calendar extension that allows dates to be selected and provides end-users with an easy way of navigating through months and years.
Captcha A CAPTCHA extension.
A check box control that presents options to end-users.
A control that provides a list of check boxes.
A color editor.
A text editor that allows items to be selected from a (multi-column) dropdown list.
An editor that allows date values to be edited using a dropdown calendar.
An editor with a templated drop down window.
GridLookup An editor that allows end-users to select values from a dropdown grid containing lookup items.
An editor that allows end-users to edit hyperlinks and navigate to their targets.
An editor for displaying images.
A label control capable of displaying text on a web page.
A list box control that displays a list of items that can be selected by an end-user.
An editor that allows multi-line text to be displayed and edited.
A progress bar control.
A button control that can be selected, but not cleared by an end-user.
A control providing a group of radio buttons.
A text box editor with spin buttons is used to edit numeric values.
A single line text editor.
An editor capable of displaying and editing time values.
An editor that allows end-users to auto complete values from a predefined list.
A slider that provides end-users with fast and easy visual data selection capabilities.
ValidationSummary Summarizes validation errors from multiple data editors.
Chart Extension:  
Chart Displays assorted data in a graphical representation by visualizing the series of points using one of the available view types.
Report Extension:  
Document Viewer Displays a report in an ASP.NET Web page.
Report Designer Enables end-users to edit a report in a client-side web browser.
Scheduler Extensions:  
Scheduler Represents scheduled data in a form of appointment objects on a web page.
DateNavigator Enables an end-user to navigate and select dates.
TimeZoneEdit Enables an end-user to specify a time zone used in a client scheduler.
AppointmentRecurrenceForm Allows an end-user to edit the recurrence pattern of an appointment.
SchedulerStatusInfo Indicates errors and invalid values on the appointment form.

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