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 End-User Documentation

Default Item Loading Mode

By default, the ASPxComboBox editor obtains its items in the following manner:

  1. The editor retrieves all data items from the bound data source (defined via the ASPxAutoCompleteBoxBase.DataSourceID or ASPxAutoCompleteBoxBase.DataSource property) and loads them in the application server's memory;
  2. The editor sends all list items to the client side, to be presented within the editor's dropdown list.

In this mode, since all list items are represented on the client, all data operations (such as scrolling, filtering) are performed on the client, without generating a round trip to the server.

This default mode is well suited to the task if the ASPxComboBox editor works with a small data sample - that is, the Multi-Column Mode is not used (or there is a rather small number of columns) and the number of data source items is not great (numbered in tens or hundreds rather than thousands). For larger amounts of data, it might be sensible to use the On-Demand Item Loading or Dynamic List Population mode.

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