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 End-User Documentation

Member Table: Lookup Editor Specific Settings

Expanded Editor Specific Settings

Member Description
ASPxGridLookup.IncrementalFilteringDelay Gets or sets the time interval between the time a user starts typing within the editor' edit box, and filtering is applied.
ASPxGridLookup.IncrementalFilteringMode Gets or sets a value that specifies the filtering mode of the editor.
ASPxGridLookup.MultiTextSeparator Gets or sets a separator that is used within the editor's input box to divide texts that correspond to multiple selected rows.
ASPxGridLookup.SelectionMode Gets or sets a value that specifies item selection behavior.
ASPxGridLookup.Text Gets or sets the text displayed within the editor's edit box.
ASPxGridLookup.TextFormatString Gets or sets the pattern used to format a selected item's text for display in the editor's edit box.
ASPxGridLookup.Value Gets or sets the value of the selected item key field.

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