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Client-Side API

DevExpress ASP.NET MVC extensions provide an advanced client-side API that enables you to combine server-side and client-side functionality.

The DevExpress MVC extensions provide client-side APIs that are implemented using JavaScript. Extension-relative assemblies (DLLs) include JavaScript files that implement an extension's client-side APIs as embedded resources.

Expanded Attach Scripts

You should attach script files that implement extensions’ client-side APIs to an application.

The DevExpress ASP.NET Project Wizard automatically attaches the JavaScript files to the application's Site.Master page if you use a DevExpress Project Template to create an MVC application. If you do not use a DevExpress project template, you need to manually attach necessary DevExpress client script files using the ExtensionsFactory.RenderScripts extension method within a view page's HEAD or BODY tag.

View (or Master Page) Code (ASPX):

View (or layout View) Code (Razor):

Expanded Extension's Available Client API

Set an extension's EnableClientSideAPI (or Properties.EnableClientSideAPI) property to true to make the extension's client-side API available for developers. If a DevExpress MVC Extension does not provide the EnableClientSideAPI property, its client-side API is always available for this extension on the client side.

Note that an extension's client-side API is automatically available if you handle any of its client-side events.

Expanded Access an Extension on the Client Side

Use the SettingsBase.Name property to specify an extension's name to access its client object.

View code (ASPX):

View code (Razor):


Refer to the KA18687 KB article for information on how to access an extension's client object if the SettingsBase.Name property contains special characters (for example, the "." dot).

Expanded Client-Side Events

Each DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Extension provides a set of client-side events. Use the ClientSideEvents property at the level of the extension's settings (Settings.ClientSideEvents) or properties (Properties.ClientSideEvents) to access the available client-side events.


Register JavaScript functions at the top of the page. In this case, the browser executes these scripts before it renders the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC extensions.

The following code demonstrates how to handle an extension's client-side events:

View code (ASPX):

View code (Razor):

See Also: DevExpress ASP.NET Controls Client-Side Events

Expanded Client-Side API

Tables below list DevExpress MVC Extensions and their client-side objects:

Grid Extensions

Extension Client Object
GridView MVCxClientGridView
PivotGrid MVCxClientPivotGrid
TreeList MVCxClientTreeList

Navigation Extensions

Extension Client Object
Menu ASPxClientMenu
NavBar MVCxClientNavBar
PageControl MVCxClientPageControl
PopupControl ASPxClientPopupControl
Splitter ASPxClientSplitter
TabControl ASPxClientTabControl
TreeView MVCxClientTreeView

Data Editors Extensions

Extension Client Object
BinaryImage ASPxClientBinaryImage
Button ASPxClientButton
ButtonEdit ASPxClientButtonEdit
Calendar MVCxClientCalendar
CheckBox ASPxClientCheckBox
CheckBoxList ASPxClientCheckBoxList
ColorEdit ASPxClientColorEdit
ComboBox MVCxClientComboBox
DateEdit ASPxClientDateEdit
DropDownEdit ASPxClientDropDownEdit
HyperLink ASPxClientHyperLink
Image ASPxClientImage
Label ASPxClientLabel
ListBox MVCxClientListBox
Memo ASPxClientMemo
ProgressBar ASPxClientProgressBar
RadioButton ASPxClientRadioButton
RadioButtonList ASPxClientRadioButtonList
SpinEdit ASPxClientSpinEdit
TextBox ASPxClientTextBox
TimeEdit ASPxClientTimeEdit
TokenBox MVCxClientTokenBox
TrackBar ASPxClientTrackBar

HTML Editor Extension

Extension Client Object
HtmlEditor MVCxClientHtmlEditor

Utilities Extensions

Extension Client Object
CallbackPanel MVCxClientCallbackPanel
RoundPanel ASPxClientRoundPanel
UploadControl MVCxClientUploadControl

Chart Extension

Extension Client Object
Chart MVCxClientChart

Scheduler Extension

Extension Client Object
SchedulerControl MVCxClientScheduler

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