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Site Navigation and Layout

The DevExpress Bootstrap Controls suite ships with a set of navigation tools that will help you build easy-to-navigate websites and web applications.


The Accordion control allows you to provide navigation capabilities to your web application. The control displays navigation items arranged in collapsible groups.

Form Layout

The Form Layout control simplifies the manner in which you create ASP.NET applications in Visual Studio. It allows you to quickly create form layouts of any complexity by combining the order and hierarchy of the control’s layout elements.


The Menu control allows you to provide navigation options to your end-users. By default, the Menu control has a tree-like structure with root items aligned horizontally and sub-items available in drop-down menus.


The Bootstrap Pager is a standalone control that enables you to implement custom paging algorithms

Page Control and Tab Control

The Bootstrap Tab Control Suite includes two components, allowing you to build tabbed interfaces within your web sites. You can either use the Tab Control component to display only tabs or use the Page Control to associate specific page content with each tab. Both controls have been built to generate minimal HTML code, work on the client-side without hassles, operate quickly and fully support AJAX for on-demand page loading via callbacks.

Popup Control

The Popup Control provides the ability to create and use a number of popup windows in your web application. Popup windows are a special type of overlapped temporary window that appear separately from an application's main window, and are typically used to display quick reference information.

Tree View

The Tree View allows you to represent hierarchical data as a tree with collapsible nodes.

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