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This documentation page describes implementations made in our v17.2 release cycle. To learn about functionality shipping with v18.1, navigate to our updated help file experience at docs.devexpress.com. Learn More

Check Box List

The Bootstrap Check Box List editor is a check box group that provides end-users with the capability to select multiple items.

Bootstrap Check Box List supports both data-bound and unbound modes. This means that its contents can be generated dynamically by binding the editor to a data source, as well as manually populating the control's item collection.


The items selected within Bootstrap Check Box List can be determined using the ASPxClientCheckBoxList.GetSelectedItems method. You can easily select/unselect editor items by using the ASPxClientCheckBoxList.SelectItems and ASPxClientCheckBoxList.UnselectItems methods. Use the ASPxClientCheckBoxList.SelectAll and ASPxClientCheckBoxList.UnselectAll methods to select/unselect all items.

Layout Customization

The Bootstrap Check Box List layout is flexibly customized. You can display check box items in several columns using the BootstrapCheckBoxListBuilder.RepeatColumns method.

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