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Check Box List

The Bootstrap Check Box List editor is a check box group that provides end-users with the capability to select multiple items.

Bootstrap Check Box List supports both data-bound and unbound modes. This means that its contents can be generated dynamically by binding the editor to a data source, as well as manually populating the control's item collection.


The items selected within Bootstrap Check Box List can be determined using the ASPxClientCheckBoxList.GetSelectedItems method. You can easily select/unselect editor items by using the ASPxClientCheckBoxList.SelectItems and ASPxClientCheckBoxList.UnselectItems methods. Use the ASPxClientCheckBoxList.SelectAll and ASPxClientCheckBoxList.UnselectAll methods to select/unselect all items.

Layout Customization

The Bootstrap Check Box List layout is flexibly customized. You can display check box items in several columns using the DevExpress.AspNetCore.Bootstrap.BootstrapCheckBoxListBuilder.RepeatColumns method.

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