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     Add / Remove Block Delimiters (C#, C++)
     Add End Tag (ASP.NET)
     Add Parameter
     Boolean to Enum
     Break Apart Arguments
     Break Apart Attributes
     Break Apart Parameters
     Collapse Accessors (C#, C++)
     Collapse Conditional (VB)
     Collapse Getter (C#, C++)
     Collapse Setter (C#, C++)
     Combine Conditionals
     Compress Assignment
     Compress to Lambda Expression (C#)
     Compress to Null Coalescing Operation (C#)
     Compress to Ternary Expression
     Concatenate Strings
     Conditional to Case / Case to Conditional
     Consolidate Conditional Blocks
     Consolidate Using Statements
     Convert Color to HEX (ASP.NET)
     Convert Color to Named Color (ASP.NET)
     Convert Color To RGB (ASP.NET)
     Convert CSS Class to Skin (ASP.NET)
     Convert Length to Pixels (ASP.NET)
     Convert Length to Points (ASP.NET)
     Convert to Auto-implemented Property
     Convert to Auto-implemented Property (convert all)
     Convert to Built-in Type
     Convert to Constant
     Convert to Initializer
     Convert to Is Nothing (VB)
     Convert to Parallel
     Convert to Point
     Convert to Size
     Convert to System Type
     Convert to Tuple
     Create Backing Store
     Create Multi-variable Declaration
     Create Overload
     Create Setter Method
     Create With Statement (VB)
     Decompose Initializer
     Decompose Parameter
     Encapsulate Downcast
     Encapsulate Event
     Encapsulate Field
     Encapsulate Field (read-only)
     Encapsulate Method
     Encapsulate Property
     Execute Statement Asynchronously (FromAsync)
     Execute Statement Asynchronously (StartNew)
     Execute Statements in Parallel
     Execute Statements in Serial
     Expand Accessors (C#, C++)
     Expand Assignment
     Expand Conditional (VB)
     Expand Getter (C#, C++)
     Expand Lambda Expression (C#)
     Expand Null Coalescing Operation (C#)
     Expand Setter (C#, C++)
     Expand Ternary Expression
     Extract ContentPlaceHolder (ASP.NET)
     Extract ContentPlaceHolder and Create Master (ASP.NET)
     Extract Editor Template (MVC)
     Extract Function (outside of class) (C++, JS)
     Extract Interface
     Extract Method
     Extract Method to Type
     Extract Partial View (MVC)
     Extract Property
     Extract Script (ASP.NET)
     Extract String to Resource
     Extract String to Resource (replace all)
     Extract Style - Class (ASP.NET)
     Extract Style - ID (ASP.NET)
     Extract to XAML Resource (XAML)
     Extract to XAML Template (XAML)
     Extract UserControl (ASP.NET)
     Extract XML Literal to Resource (VB)
     Flatten Conditional
     For to ForEach
     ForEach to For
     Foreach to Linq
     Initialize Conditionally
     Inline Alias
     Inline Constant
     Inline Delegate (C#)
     Inline Format Item
     Inline Macro (C++)
     Inline Method
     Inline Method (and delete)
     Inline Recent Assignment
     Inline Result
     Inline Temp
     Inline With Statement (VB)
     Introduce Alias
     Introduce Constant
     Introduce Constant (local)
     Introduce ForEach Action (C#)
     Introduce Format Item
     Introduce Local
     Introduce Parameter Object
     Introduce Result Variable
     Line-up Arguments
     Line-up Attributes
     Line-up Parameters
     Lock to Try/Finally
     Make Explicit
     Make Explicit (and Name Anonymous Type)
     Make Extension
     Make ID Unique (ASP.NET)
     Make Implicit
     Make Member Non-static
     Make Member Static
     Make Read-Only
     Merge Duplicate Local Declaration (JavaScript)
     Merge Styles (ASP.NET)
     Method to Property
     Move Declaration Near Reference
     Move File to Matching Folder
     Move Initialization to Declaration
     Move Method (C++)
     Move Style Attributes to CSS (ASP.NET)
     Move to Code-behind (ASP.NET)
     Move Type to File
     Move Type to Namespace
     Name Anonymous Method (C#)
     Name Anonymous Type
     Optimize Namespace References
     Promote to Parameter
     Promote to Parameter (optional)
     Property to Method(s)
     Pull Member Up
     Reduce Visibility
     Remove Assignments to Parameters
     Remove Empty Handler
     Remove End Tag (ASP.NET)
     Remove Private Setter
     Remove Redundant Assignment
     Remove Redundant Block Delimiters (C#, C++)
     Remove Redundant Call
     Remove Redundant Constructor
     Remove Redundant Delegate Creation (C#)
     Remove Redundant Destructor (C#)
     Remove Redundant Qualifier
     Remove Redundant Qualifier (remove all)
     Remove Redundant Type Specification
     Remove Type Qualifier
     Remove Unused Parameter
     Rename File to Match Type
     Rename Namespace to Match Folder Structure
     Rename Style (ASP.NET)
     Rename Type to Match File
     Reorder Attributes (ASP.NET)
     Reorder Parameters
     Replace Temp with Query
     Replace with Alias
     Replace with Constant
     Replace with Local
     Replace with XAML Resource (XAML)
     Reverse Boolean
     Reverse Conditional
     Safe Rename
     Set Image Dimensions (ASP.NET)
     Simplify Expression
     Sort Namespace References
     Split Conditional
     Split Initialization from Declaration
     Split Multi-variable Declaration
     Split String
     Split Style (ASP.NET)
     Split Temporary Variable
     Split Using Statement
     Split With Statement (VB)
     Use Const (C++)
     Use Environment.NewLine
     Use Explicit Notation
     Use Implicit Line Continuation (VB)
     Use IsNullOrEmpty
     Use Named Arguments
     Use Short Notation
     Use String.Compare
     Use String.Format
     Use StringBuilder
     Use typedef (C++)
     Using to Try/Finally
     Widen Scope
     Widen Scope (promote constant)
     Widen Scope (promote to field)
    Automatic Declaration
    Cycle Scope Up/Down
    Duplicate Line
    Smart Constructor
    Smart Enter
    Smart Parens and Brackets
    Smart Paste
   Unit Test Runner
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 End-User Documentation
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Refactorings are small changes to working code that improve the internal structure without altering the external behavior of that code. CodeRush Classic includes over 200 refactorings intended to improve C#, C++, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, and XAML code. Some C# and Visual Basic refactorings are also available within Razor blocks in MVC projects.

Here is the full list of supported refactorings.

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