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     Add AssosiatedControlID Attribute (ASP.NET)
     Add Contract
     Add Default Case Branch
     Add Else Statement
     Add Getter
     Add Initialization
     Add Missing Case Statements
     Add Missing Constructors
     Add RunAt Attribute (ASP.NET)
     Add Setter
     Add to Interface
     Add Validator (ASP.NET)
     Add XML Comments
     Change Tag
     Consolidate Duplicate Code to
     Convert to Auto-implemented Property (C#)
     Convert to Function
     Convert to Integer
     Convert to Procedure
     Convert to Property with Backing Store
     Create Ancestor
     Create Case Blocks from Enum
     Create Descendant
     Create Descendant (with virtual overrides)
     Create Event Trigger
     Create Implementer (Explicit) (C#)
     Create Implementer (Implicit) (C#)
     Create Implementer (VB)
     Declare Action
     Declare All XAML Namespace References
     Declare Attribute
     Declare Class
     Declare Class With Properties (C#)
     Declare Constructor
     Declare Controller
     Declare Delegate
     Declare Enum
     Declare Enum Element
     Declare Event
     Declare Event Handler
     Declare EventArgs Descendant
     Declare Field
     Declare Field (read-only)
     Declare Fields with Initializers
     Declare Getter
     Declare Initialized Field
     Declare Initialized Property (C#)
     Declare Interface
     Declare Local
     Declare Local (implicit)
     Declare Method
     Declare Method (abstract)
     Declare Properties (C#)
     Declare Properties with Initializers (C#)
     Declare Property
     Declare Property (auto-implemented) (C#)
     Declare Property (with backing store)
     Declare Setter
     Declare Struct
     Declare View
     Declare XAML Namespace Reference
     Dispose Fields
     Embed Selection
     Format Item
     Implement IComparable
     Implement IDisposable
     Implement IEquatable
     Implement ISerializable
     Import Namespace
     Introduce Setter Guard Clause
     Introduce Using Statement
     Invert Selection
     Mirror Code
     Remove Attribute
     Remove Potentially Redundant Assignment
     Remove Potentially Redundant Assignment (remove all)
     Remove Region Directives
     Remove Setter
     Remove Setter Guard Clause
     Remove Tag
     Replace this Qualifier With Local Variable (JavaScript)
     Reverse For Loop
     Rotate 90 Degrees
     Seal Class
     Set CSS Class (ASP.NET)
     Spell Checker
     Surround with Tag
     Surround with UpdatePanel (ASP.NET)
     Toggle ViewState (all controls) (ASP.NET)
     Toggle ViewState (ASP.NET)
     Use Equality Operator
     Use Equals
     Use Explicit Typecast
     Use Identity Operator (JavaScript)
     Use Implicit Typecast
     Use IsNullOrEmpty
   [Expand]Code Templates
    Automatic Declaration
    Cycle Scope Up/Down
    Duplicate Line
    Smart Constructor
    Smart Enter
    Smart Parens and Brackets
    Smart Paste
   Unit Test Runner
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Code Providers

Code providers are used to generate some parts of code, to avoid having to create them manually. It simplifies and speeds up the code creation process.

The following code providers are available:

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