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    CRR0001 - Redundant sub-expressions in a binary operation
    CRR0002 - Suspect variable reference in a For-loop condition
    CRR0003 - Suspect variable reference in the For-loop iterator section
    CRR0004 - Ternary expression has identical branches
    CRR0005 - Expression value is always the same
    CRR0006 - Suspect variable reference in null-check following as-cast
    CRR0007 - String format item/argument mismatch
    CRR0008 - If-block matches else-block
    CRR0009 - Subsequent if-statements have identical conditions
    CRR0010 - Exception without throw
    CRR0011 - Next if-statement has an identical condition that will never be reached
    CRR0012 - Logical OR expression has opposite operands
    CRR0013 - The member always returns the same value
    CRR0014 - The variable is assigned twice in succession
    CRR0015 - Logical OR expression redundancy
    CRR0016 - Method call's return value is ignored
    CRR0017 - Null check follows usage
    CRR0018 - Suspect assignment reversal
    CRR0019 - Expression contains redundant subsets
    CRR0020 - Integral divide operation cast to float
    CRR0021 - Subsequent else-if conditions are identical
    CRR0022 - Unreachable conditional code block (a similar condition in the else branch)
    CRR0023 - Unnecessary conditional
    CRR0024 - Increase precision with a built-in constant or call
    CRR0025 - Unreachable conditional code block (the inversed condition is already satisfied)
    CRR0026 - Unused member
    CRR0027 - Possible System.NullReferenceException
    CRR0028 - Empty event handler
    CRR0029 - The ConfigureAwait(true) is called implicitly
    CRR0030 - Redundant 'await'
    CRR0031 - The returned Task is null
    CRR0033 - The void async method should be in a try/catch block
    CRR0034 - The async method should contain the
    CRR0035 - No CancellationToken parameter in the async method
    CRR0036 - The 'await Task.FromResult()' expression is redundant
    CRR0037 - Task.Wait is used in an async method
    CRR0038 - The CancellationToken parameter is never used
    CRR0039 - The 'await' expression without cancellation token
    CRR0041 - Use Task.Run instead of Task.Factory.StartNew
    CRR0042 - Unused parameter
    CRR0043 - Unused type
    CRR0044 - Unused local variable
    CRR0045 - Local variable can be replaced with discard
    CRR0046 - Redundant field initialization
    CRR0047 - The type can be moved to a separate file
    CRR0048 - The type name does not correspond to the file name
    CRR0049 - Environment.NewLine can be used
    CRR0050 - String.Compare can be used
    CRR0051 - String.IsNullOrEmpty can be used
    CRR0052 - String interpolation can be used
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CRR0028 - Empty event handler

This analyzer detects the event handlers that contain no code or throw a NotImplementedException exception.

Add some code to the event handler or delete it along with the subscription statement to fix this issue.

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