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Create an ASP.NET MVC Viewer for Displaying a Dashboard

This document describes how to use the ASP.NET MVC Dashboard extension as a Dashboard Viewer. See the tutorials below before creating the ASP.NET MVC Viewer:

  1. Create an ASP.NET MVC Designer
    In this tutorial, you create a Dashboard Designer web application.

  2. Create a Dashboard using the Web Dashboard
    This lesson shows you how to create a dashboard in a browser. The saved dashboard definition (dashboard1.xml) is added to the ~/App_Data/Dashboards folder.

You can now switch your Dashboard Designer application to the Viewer mode.

  1. In a project created in this lesson, open the Views | Home | Index.cshtm file.

  2. Add the following code within the MvcDashboardFactory.Dashboard helper method:

  3. Run the application. The ASP.NET MVC Dashboard extension displays the dashboard from ~/App_Data/Dashboards.

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