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Obtain Your NuGet Feed URL

You need to obtain the feed URL to access the DevExpress NuGet feed. The feed URL includes your personal feed authorization key.

  1. Go to nuget.devexpress.com, log in as a registered DevExpress customer and click Obtain Your NuGet Feed URL.

  2. The subsequent page displays a development account's NuGet Feed URL. If the Feed URL has been compromised, request a new one by writing to us at support@devexpress.com.

  3. Note

    You cannot see the Feed URL section mention above if you do not have an active DevExpress subscription or trial. However, you are still allowed to start an ASP.NET Core trial for 30 days. See the .NET Core controls via NuGet section below for details.

  4. You can now use the URL to access the DevExpress NuGet packages using IDEs (for example, Visual Studio), dotnet CLI or NuGet CLI.

Note that you can return to the nuget.devexpress.com page to view your feed URL at any time.

.NET Core controls via NuGet

DevExpres offers .NET Core controls via NuGet. You can try .NET Core products on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. You can also use an IDE of your choice: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio for Mac, or JetBrains Rider:

The following .NET Core controls are available:

All .NET Core packages are available in your NuGet feed if you have a Universal license. We also have a free 30-day trial that allows access to all the NuGet packages.


You can try NuGet packages that are not currently included in your DevExpress subscription with this free 30-day trial if you do not have a Universal license.

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