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How to: Create a Shape Connector

You can connect two shapes with a connector. This example illustrates how to create a shape connector, modify it, and attach both its ends to shapes.

Expanded Create a Shape Connector

Call the ShapeCollection.AddConnector method to create an unbound shape connector.

Expanded Modify a Shape Connector

The table below lists an API used to change the connector's appearance.



Change the connector's type


Change the connector's color and thickness



Specify arrowhead options for the connector's start




Specify arrowhead options for the connector's end




The code sample below shows how to use these members to make the connector look as it does on the following image.

Expanded Attach Shapes to the Connector

The following methods allow you to link shapes to a connector.

Check the ShapeGeometry.ConnectionSiteCount property to retrieve the shape's connection sites' number. The sites' index order is different for each shape. Generally, the index begins with the top side (0) and grows counterclockwise, as shown below.

As for the 3-D shapes, the connection sites' index changes as follows.

The code sample shows how to attach shapes to the connector. The connector is bound to the third site of each shape.


Call the ConnectorFormat.DisconnectStartPoint or ConnectorFormat.DisconnectEndPoint method to detach the connector from shapes.

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