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PDF Document API

The PDF Document API allows you to perform various scenarios with PDF documents in code. Use the straightforward API to merge, split, create, edit, password-protect, and digitally sign PDF files.


You require a license to the DevExpress Office File API or DevExpress Universal Subscription to use this component or library in production code. Refer to the DevExpress Subscription page for pricing information.

The major PDF Document API features are:

Expanded Document Generation

  • Generate document layout from scratch.

Expanded PDF Graphics

  • Create PDF graphics context;
  • Draw your own graphics into PDF graphics context using images, string values and graphics (lines, Bezier curves, polygons, ellipses and paths);
  • Add graphics content to a new or existing page.

Expanded Document Manipulation

  • Merge different documents into a single PDF;
  • Add a new page to a document, copy pages from one document to another PDF, delete or rotate a page.

Expanded Additional Content

  • Create bookmarks from scratch, change bookmark attributes (e.g. rename a bookmark, change its destination or font style) and delete bookmarks.

  • Add a hyperlink to a page or URI.

  • Attach any number of files to the PDF document and access attached files.

Expanded Interactive Forms

  • Create interactive form fields and add them to a document.
  • Fill and flatten and remove existing interactive forms.
  • Export and import interactive form data in various formats: FDF, XFDF, XML and TXT.

Expanded Text Markup Annotations

The PDF Document API component provides API that can be used to manipulate (create, modify or remove) text markup annotations in pages.

Expanded Document Security

This section describes how to use save options to protect a document with a password and sign the document with a digital signature.

  • Protect a document using both the owner and user passwords. Specify user permissions for printing, data extraction, document modification and interactive operations.
  • Apply a digital signature to a document.

Expanded Content Extraction

This section describes how to get content (an image, text) from a document.

  • Extract text and images from documents.
  • Search text in documents. Find text in documents.

Expanded Printing and Export

  • Print the whole document or separate pages.

  • Export pages to a multi-page tiff image.

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