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 End-User Documentation

WorksheetExtensions.CreateDataTableExporter Method

Creates an instance of the data table exporter.

Use of this method in production code requires a license to the DevExpress Office File API or the DevExpress Universal Subscription.


Expanded Syntax


Type: Worksheet
A DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Worksheet interface for the worksheet which contains data for export.
Type: Range
A DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Range of cells containing data for export.
Type: DataTable
A System.Data.DataTable object which will be populated with exported data.
Type: Boolean
true, to skip the first row in the specified range; otherwise, false.

Return value

Type: DataTableExporter
A DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Export.DataTableExporter instance that performs export to a data table.

Expanded Remarks

Use the CreateDataTableExporter method to create a DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Export.DataTableExporter which is the key object of the data export.


When calling the CreateDataTableExporter method, make sure that the number of data columns in the specified dataTable is the same as the number of columns in the specified range; otherwise, a System.ArgumentException will be thrown.

Therefore, if you need to add an additional column to the data table (e.g., an auto-incremented or computed column), you should do it only after DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Export.DataTableExporter is created.

Use the CreateDataTable method to create a data table that corresponds to the specified worksheet cell range.

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