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Project Converter

The Project Converter tool updates Visual Studio projects to the most recent version of DevExpress .NET components. Using the Project Converter is recommended each time you install a new major or minor version of DevExpress components, and when you have projects that use an older version of DevExpress products.

Expanded Overview

This tool can either be run as a console application or invoked as a dialog window, as shown in the image below.

The Project Converter replaces references to outdated DevExpress assemblies in your projects with references to the most recent libraries. The following files are updated during the conversion process.

  • Project files (.csproj and .vbproj)
  • Resource files (.resx) for forms that were localized in the Visual Studio Form Designer
  • Web files (Web.config, .aspx, .ascx, .asax and .master) for Web Forms applications
  • Other files, including .cs, .vb, .xaml, .skin, .config, .config.xml, .licx, .svc, .refresh, .uitest, and .lsml.

Expanded Important Notes

  • The Project Converter does not automatically substitute assemblies that are located in the /Bin folder of your project. To upgrade your /Bin folder, choose BUILD | Clean Solution in the main menu of Visual Studio, and then rebuild the project.

  • Before upgrading your project, it is strongly recommended that you review the Upgrade Notes document. If you have any problems after the conversion, please visit the Breaking Changes section on the DevExpress website for more information on upgrading.

  • After upgrading to a newer version of our components, you can download the corresponding version of localization resources using Localization Service. With this service, you can copy your existing translations and apply them to a different version of DevExpress assemblies.

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