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WizardService is an IWizardService implementation that allows you to use the Wizard control in accordance with MVVM.

To handle clicks on wizard page buttons, implement the following interfaces in ViewModels representing pages, so that the corresponding method is called.

Another way is to pass the corresponding events to the main ViewModel.

The table below lists interfaces, methods and events corresponding to wizard buttons.

Wizard button Interface Method Event
Next ISupportWizardNextCommand ISupportWizardNextCommand.OnGoForward Wizard.Next
Back ISupportWizardBackCommand ISupportWizardBackCommand.OnGoBack Wizard.Back
Cancel ISupportWizardCancelCommand ISupportWizardCancelCommand.OnCancel Wizard.Cancel
Finish ISupportWizardFinishCommand ISupportWizardFinishCommand.OnFinish Wizard.Finish

To display the desired view in the Wizard control, use the IWizardService.Navigate method.

This example demonstrates how to use the WizardService. See Implementation Details for more information.

See also:

How to create a Wizard with pages defined in XAML

How to: Create a wizard based on a collection of view models

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