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Control List: As in VS Toolbox

Data and Analytics

DashboardControl A control used to embed dashboards created in the Dashboard Designer into a WPF application.
Chart3DControl The 3D chart control.
ChartControl The chart control for WPF applications.
SparklineEdit A sparkline visualizes data in a highly condensed way, allowing end-users to quickly understand and compare values from different sources.
DiagramControl The diagram control.
DiagramDesignerControl The Diagram Designer control.
CircularGaugeControl A Circular Gauge control shipped with the DXGauges Suite.
DigitalGaugeControl A digital gauge control shipped with the DXGauge Suite.
LinearGaugeControl A Linear Gauge control shipped with the DXGauges Suite.
StateIndicatorControl A state indicator control shipped with the DXGauges Suite.
GridControl The grid control.
TreeListControl The TreeList control.
MapControl A Map Control to display raster and vector maps. Supports both popular map services (Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap) and custom map data servers inside your corporate network.
PdfViewerControl A control to display PDF files in a WPF application without the need to install any third-party software on end user machines.
PivotExcelFieldListControl An Excel-style Customization Form.
PivotFieldListControl A simple-style Customization Form.
PivotGridControl The PivotGrid control.
PropertyGridControl The property grid control.
TreeMapControl A TreeMap Control to display flat and hierarchical data.


DocumentPreviewControl A control used to publish (preview, print and export) documents in WPF applications.
ReportDesigner A control used to create an End-User Report Designer under the WPF platform.

Navigation & Layout

AccordionControl Represents the Accordion Control.
CarouselItemsControl Represents an ItemsControl allowing you to easily represent any data using a Carousel.
CarouselNavigator Represents a navigator control allowing end-users to scroll through carousel items.
CarouselPanel Represents the Carousel control.
Book Represents a book control.
Wizard A control for creating multi-page dialogs that guide end-users through a specific process (e.g., product installation).
OfficeNavigationBar An Outlook-inspired navigation bar, supporting integration with the NavBarControl.
TileBar A bar with tiles that support the dropdown functionality.
TileNavPane A hierarchical tile menu, providing navigation in a touch-friendly manner.
AppBar Represents the bar in the Windows 8 style.
HamburgerMenu Represents a collapsible navigation menu that displays a stack of navigation buttons. Supports regular buttons, sub-menus, hyperlinks, check and radio buttons.
FlipView A Flip View.
NavigationFrame A container within a WindowsUI application which provides the capability to navigate through application screens.
PageAdornerControl A control that, when navigated to, displays a header and reveals a back button.
PageView A Page View within a WindowsUI application.
SlideView A Slide View container within a WindowsUI application.
BarContainerControl A container for bars (Bar, ToolBarControl, MainMenuControl and StatusBarControl objects).
BarManager A container for bar containers that manages operations on bars and popup menus.
MainMenuControl A standalone control, which provides a straightforward and simplified way to create a main menu.
StatusBarControl A standalone control, which provides a straightforward and simplified way to create a status bar.
ToolBarControl A standalone control, which provides a straightforward and simplified way to create a bar.
DXTabControl Represents the DXTabControl.
UniformStackPanel A stack panel where items (with the HorizontalAlignment set to Stretch) have the same width, matching the width of the item with the largest content.
DockLayoutManager Represents a container for dock and layout items.
GroupBox Represents a control container with a GroupBox-style title, capable of displaying a single child.
ScrollBox Represents a container that supports absolute positioning of child controls and enables scrolling.
NavBarControl A control that enables you to implement a sidebar menu or switching between application modules. Supports three layouts: Navigation Pane, Explorer Bar View and Side Bar View.
BackstageViewControl A popup menu emulating the menu in MS Office 2010 Ribbon UI.
RibbonControl The Ribbon Control.
RibbonStatusBarControl A Ribbon UI status bar.

Common Controls

DateTimeChartRangeControlClient Shows a date-time data within a range control's viewport.
NumericChartRangeControlClient Shows a numeric data within the range control's viewport.
GalleryControl A control that displays an image gallery and is capable of categorizing items into groups.
DropDownButton Represents a dropdown button control.
SimpleButton Serves as a base for classes that represent button controls.
SplitButton Represents a split button control.
BarCodeEdit Allows you to display various barcodes.
ButtonEdit Represents a text editor with embedded buttons.
Calculator Represents a calculator.
CameraControl Represents a control that displays a video stream captured from a video input device.
CheckEdit Represents a check box editor.
ColorEdit Represents a color editor.
ComboBoxEdit Represents an editor that displays a list of items within a dropdown window.
DateEdit Represents a date editor with a dropdown calendar.
DateNavigator Represents a date navigator control.
FlyoutControl Represents a flyout control.
FontEdit Represents a font editor.
HyperlinkEdit Represents a hyperlink editor.
ImageEdit Represents an image editor.
ListBoxEdit Represents a list box.
MemoEdit Represents a memo editor control that allows editing memo data.
PasswordBoxEdit Represents a control allowing you to enter and manage passwords.
PopupCalcEdit Represents a calculator displayed within a dropdown window.
PopupColorEdit Represents a color editor displayed within a dropdown window.
PopupImageEdit Represents an editor that displays an image within a dropdown window.
ProgressBarEdit Represents a progress bar.
RangeControl Represents a range control.
RatingEdit Represents a rating editor.
SearchControl A search control.
SpinEdit Represents an editor with spin buttons used to adjust a numerical value.
TextEdit Represents a text editor.
ToggleSwitch Represents a toggle switch.
TrackBarEdit Represents a track bar.
LookUpEdit Represents a lookup editor.

Layout Control

DataLayoutControl A data-bound version of the LayoutControl.
DataLayoutItem A layout item within a DataLayoutControl.
DockLayoutControl Represents a control container that arranges its child items, docking them to its edges or making them occupy the remaining area of the container.
FlowLayoutControl Represents a container that arranges child controls into rows or columns, and alows the flow of the controls to be wrapped (automatically at the container's edge or manually at any child control).
LayoutControl Represents a control container that arranges its items in a single column or row, and allows you to create compound layouts of controls, with the ability to combine the controls into groups and align the controls according to their labels.
LayoutGroup Represents a group of items, arranging them side by side (either horizontally or vertically) or using the tabbed UI (the tabbed UI is only supported when combining layout items).
LayoutItem Represents a control that consists of a label and content regions. The LayoutItem cannot be used outside a LayoutControl.
Tile A tile in a TileLayoutControl.
TileLayoutControl The Tile Layout Control.

Rich Text Editor

RichEditControl Represents a RichEdit control which is a container for the rich-text document providing all the necessary functionality.


AppointmentResourceEdit A combo box editor used to select a single resource.
AppointmentResourcesEdit A combo box used to select multiple resources.
AppointmentLabelEdit A combo box editor used to select an appointment label.
AppointmentStatusEdit A combo box editor used to select an appointment status.
DurationEdit A combo box editor used to specify time intervals (durations).
TimeZoneEdit A combo box editor used to select a time zone.
SchedulerControl The main control of the Scheduler suite which displays and manages appointments.


SpreadsheetControl Emulates the Microsoft® Excel® look and feel and allows you to create, load, edit, save and print spreadsheet documents.
SpreadsheetFormulaBarControl A control that displays the cell address and the contents of the current cell. Use it to enter or edit formulas and cell data.

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