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Header Content Customization

This topic describes how to customize the header content. The main part of the header content is a caption. You can change this caption and add different elements to the header content.

Expanded Header Caption

Specify the BaseColumn.Header property to change the column header's caption. The ColumnBase.FieldName property specifies the caption if the BaseColumn.Header property is not specified. Camel-case field names are separated by spaces, for example, the header for the "CategoryName" field name is "Category Name".


Example 1

The code sample below shows how to specify the CategoryName column's header caption and show it in the center:

Example 2

You can bind a column's header to a property and specify the StringFormat:

Expanded Header Content

Specify the BaseColumn.HeaderTemplate property to customize an individual column's header content. You can specify a common template for all columns in the current GridControl's view using the DataViewBase.ColumnHeaderTemplate. The data context (binding source) for these templates is the BaseColumn.HeaderCaption property.

The code sample below shows how to add a button to a header's content:


Example: How to: Display an Image within a Column Header

Learn how to add an image to the column header content using the BaseColumn.HeaderTemplate property.

If you have more than one template that can be used to render the header content, specify the BaseColumn.HeaderTemplateSelector property to implement custom logic for selecting the required template. Use the BaseColumn.ActualHeaderTemplateSelector property to obtain the current template selector.

Expanded Header Content Style

Specify the ColumnBase.ColumnHeaderContentStyle property to change the header content's appearance. Use the DataViewBase.ColumnHeaderContentStyle property to specify the common style applied to all the columns in the current GridControl's view. The target element for these styles is the ContentControl class.

The code sample below shows how to change the header caption color and increase the font size:


Use the ColumnBase.ActualColumnHeaderContentStyle property to obtain the current column header content style.

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