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Drop Marker

The GridControl shows a drop marker when dragging records over another record. The drop marker is a visual element that indicates a drop target element.

The images below show drag-and-drop operations. If you reorder records (the first image), the drop marker is shown before or after target element. If you move records to another child collection (the second image), the target element is highlighted.

Expanded Specifying Drop Position

You can set a drop position that specifies:

  • How to place the drop marker concerning a target record.
  • How to place the dragged record after dropping.

The DropPosition enumeration lists possible drop position values.

The image below shows a drag-and-drop operation that does not allow moving a node to another child collection; it means the DropPosition.Inside is not allowed:

Handle the DataViewBase.DragRecordOver event and specify the DragEventArgsBase.DropPosition property to set the required drop position. The following code sample demonstrates how to prohibit end-users from moving nodes to another node's child collection:

In the demonstrated code sample, the DragRecordOverEventArgs.DropPositionRelativeCoefficient property is used to determine the exact drop position.

Expanded Drop Marker Customization

You can customize the drop marker's appearance. The image below shows an example of a custom drop marker:

Specify the DataViewBase.DropMarkerTemplate property to customize the drop marker's appearance. This property defines the drop marker's template. The binding source for this template is the DropMarkerData class.

The following code sample demonstrates how to change the drop marker's color and size:

In the demonstrated code sample, the DropMarkerData.Position property is used to define how to place the drop marker.

Expanded Example: How to: Customize Drop Marker


A complete sample project is available in the DevExpress Code Examples database at http://www.devexpress.com/example=T568780.

The image below shows the result:

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