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 End-User Documentation
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Data Paging

The GridControl allows you to display its content across multiple pages. End-users can use the built-in pager to navigate through the GridControl's data:


The TreeList View does not support data paging.

Expanded Enabling Data Paging

Set the GridViewBase.AllowPaging property to true to enable data paging:

The table below describes how Data Paging works depending on the data binding mode:

Data Binding Mode

How Data Paging Works

Regular Mode

The GridControl loads all data to memory. End-users use the pager to navigate through loaded data.

Server Mode

The GridControl loads and displays the first portion of data from the data source and requests subsequent data sections when an end-user navigates to another page.

The GridControl caches data internally. Data is not reloaded when end-users navigate to previous pages.

Virtual Sources

The PagedSource and PagedAsyncSource allow you to request data manually. You can obtain the current page's rows or load all data at once.

The GridControl caches data internally. The PagedAsyncSource.FetchPage and PagedSource.FetchPage events are not invoked when end-users navigate to a previous page.

Expanded Data Paging Options

The GridControl has the following properties and events to allow you to control data paging manually:

Method Description
GridViewBase.PageSize Gets or sets the maximum number of rows that can be displayed on a page.
GridViewBase.CurrentPageIndex Gets or sets the index of the current page.
GridViewBase.PageCount Gets the number of pages displayed in the GridControl.
GridViewBase.PagerNumericButtonCount Gets or sets the maximum number of numeric buttons that can be displayed within the pager control.
GridViewBase.CurrentPageIndexChanging Occurs before the selected page is changed.
GridViewBase.CurrentPageIndexChanged Occurs after the selected page is changed.

Expanded Data Paging Limitations

Data paging does not support the following features:

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