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 End-User Documentation

Cursor Modes

The PDF Viewer control supports the following cursor modes: the Hand tool mode, Select tool mode, and Marquee Zoom tool mode.

The PdfViewerControl.CursorMode property specifies the interaction mode for keyboard and cursor. The end-user can switch between Hand tool, Select tool, and Marquee Zoom modes via the context menu, which is invoked by right-clicking anywhere within the PDF Viewer viewing area.

Expanded Hand Tool

The Hand tool is used for navigation. The end-user can browse the document by moving the mouse while pressing the left button. To learn more, see the Navigating and Viewing a Document topic.

Expanded Marquee Zoom Tool

The Marquee Zoom tool is used to change the zoom level and view of the document. The end-user can increase the zoom level by simply clicking, decrease the zoom level by clicking while pressing the Ctrl key, or zoom in on a portion of a page by dragging a rectangle around it. For more information about the Marquee Zoom tool, see the Zooming topic.

Expanded Select Tool

The Select tool is used to select text and images in a document to copy. You can also navigate through a document.

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