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Services provide a specific UI-aware functionality for Views in MVVM applications. Although services are defined within Views, their functionality can still be invoked from View Models that may not even include information about Views.

Getting Started
Services in ViewModelBase descendants
Services in POCO objects
Services in custom ViewModels
View creation mechanisms
Predefined set of Services
  • Message Box Services
  • Dialog Services
    • DialogService (IDialogService) - allows you to display views in a modal window
    • WinUIDialogService (IDialogService) - allows you to display views in a modal window in a Windows 8 style
  • Document Manager Services
  • Report Services
  • NotificationService (INotificationService) - allows you to display notifications in a Windows 8 style
  • TaskbarButtonService (ITaskbarButtonService) - allows you to customize taskbar buttons
  • ApplicationJumpListService (IApplicationJumpListService) - allows you to add jump tasks to the application's Jump List
  • DXSplashScreenService (ISplashScreenService) - allows you to show a splash screen
  • ViewInjectionService (IViewInjectionService) - allows you to integrate any ViewModel (with its View) to any control
  • DispatcherService (IDispatcherService) - allows you to perform actions in a ViewModel using the Dispatcher
  • FrameNavigationService (INavigationService) - allows you to navigate between Views within a NavigationFrame
  • LayoutSerializationService (ILayoutSerializationService) - allows you to save/restore layout of serializable DevExpress WPF Controls
  • FolderBrowserDialogService (IFolderBrowserDialogService) - allows you to browse, create, and select folders in the File System by using the standard folder browser dialog
  • OpenFileDialogService (IOpenFileDialogService ) - allows you to browse and open files in the File System by using the standard dialog box
  • SaveFileDialogService (ISaveFileDialogService) - allows you to save data of a ViewModel to a file by using the standard dialog box
  • WizardService (IWizardService) - allows you to use the Wizard control in accordance with MVVM
  • NotifyIconService (INotifyIconService) - allows you to place a notification icon (system tray icon) in the Windows notification area and manage its behavior
How to create a Custom Service

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