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Building Outlook-Inspired and Hybrid UI Applications

DevExpress WPF components suite is shipped with two advanced demos, which demonstrate many DevExpress controls and libraries in complex applications that conform to modern UX patterns.

The Outlook-inspired demo features an MS Office-like UI in a CRM data setting.

The Hybrid UI demo demonstrates a UI for desktop and touch-enabled environments (tablets, laptops with touch screens).

These demos are built in close correspondence with the MVVM pattern on top of the Devexpress MVVM Framework and code generated by Devexpress Scaffolding Wizards.

The Outlook-Inspired and Hybrid demos shipped with DevExpress WPF components are complex and contain a lot of modules and functionalities. This tutorial describes how to create lightweight versions of these demos, yet build on the same principles and code as the originals.

From this tutorial you will learn how to:

Each tutorial is independent of the others, so you do not need to follow them sequentially. They can be studied individually to solve particular problems.

The resulting applications are available here: DevExpress.OutlookInspiredApp and DevExpress.HybridApp. Projects with only Entity Framework data model are available here: DevExpress.OutlookInspiredApp EF data model only and DevExpress.HybridApp EF data model only. These projects can be used to reproduce all the steps described in this tutorial from scratch and already contain all the necessary image resources, filter settings and some code that implements filtering.

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