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Series and Series Point Colors

Series and Series Points provide the Brush property that allows you to assign a custom color to a series/series point.

Expanded How to: Specify the Series Color

The XYSeries.Brush property allows you to specify series color. The Area Series and Funnel Series provide the Border properties that contain the Brush property. This property specifies the series' border brush:

The following markup demonstrates how to specify a custom color for a series:

The classes and properties below configure series' colors:




Gets or sets the color of the XY-series.




Provides access to a series border's settings.


Contains settings the specify the appearance of a series border.


The Chart Control can use only System.Windows.Media.SolidColorBrush objects to draw series.


The pie/donut series and funnel series do not provide series color and you should utilize series points' brushes


Use the ChartControl.BoundDataChanged event to specify colors of series generated via the Series Template.

Expanded How to: Specify Series Points' Colors

The Chart Control allows you to colorize series points in custom colors:

The selection of a particular method of coloring depends on whether the Chart Control is bound to data:


The Chart Control can use only System.Windows.Media.SolidColorBrush objects to color series points.

Colorize Manually Added Points

The SeriesPoint class provides the SeriesPoint.Brush property that allows you to specify the series point color when you manually add series points to series:

Colorize Points of Data-Bound Series

Use the ColorObjectColorizer (see ColorObjectColorizer) colorizer to draw series points using colors that a data source stores when the chart displays series bound to a data source or it generates series from a data source:

The following classes and properties manage colors of series points that belong to the data-bound series:

Symbol Description
Series.ColorDataMember Gets or sets the name of the data member on which the color of a series point is based.
Series.Colorizer Gets or sets the colorizer used by this series.
ColorObjectColorizer A Colorizer that allows providing System.Windows.Media.Color objects stored in Series.ColorDataMember to series points.

Refer to the Colorizers topic to learn more about other ways to color series points in custom colors.

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