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Empty Points

This topic explains what Empty Points are, how the Chart Control processes empty points, and how to add such a point to a chart.

Empty points are points with undefined values (see SeriesPoint.Value). You can use empty points to insert gaps between series point values. The Chart displays empty points as breaks in continuous series (for example, Line or Area), and missing points or bars in discrete series (for example, Bars or Points). Empty points in the Pie, Donut, and Funnel series are skipped.

The following table contains data for the charts above:

Date Politics Entertainment Travel
01-Jan-19 65 56 45
02-Jan-19 78 45 40
03-Jan-19 95 70 56
04-Jan-19 110 82 47
05-Jan-19 108 80 38
06-Jan-19 52 20 31
07-Jan-19 46 10 27
08-Jan-19 70 27
09-Jan-19 86 42
10-Jan-19 92 65
11-Jan-19 108 45 37
12-Jan-19 115 56 21
13-Jan-19 75 10 10
14-Jan-19 65 0 5

19.2 Demo Center: Launch the Empty Points demo

To make a point empty, do one of the following:

  • set a point's value to NaN if you use the Chart Designer to add points to a series.

  • leave a value undefined if you add points in markup.

  • use the SeriesPoint (see SeriesPoint)'s class DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.SeriesPoint.%23ctor* that take only an argument as a parameter if you add points to a series in code.

  • or set a data point's numeric value to System.Double.NaN(or System.Single.NaN) in a data source. If a series point has a date-time value, use the System.DateTime.MinValue value. Use System.TimeSpan.Zero for the time-span series point values.



Missing points (points that do not exist for particular axis arguments) are represented as empty points if the ProcessMissingPoints (NumericAggregationScaleOptionsBase.ProcessMissingPoints, DateTimeAggregationScaleOptionsBase.ProcessMissingPoints or TimeSpanAggregationScaleOptionsBase.ProcessMissingPoints) property is set to InsertEmptyPoints.


Expanded Show Isolated Points

The Chart does not draw a point between two empty points. To display a point in this case, enable the ShowIsolatedPoints (LineSeries2D.ShowIsolatedPoints or CircularLineSeries2D.ShowIsolatedPoints) property.

ShowIsolatedPoints = true ShowIsolatedPoints = false

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