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 End-User Documentation
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Data Editing

Expanded Activate Cell Editor

Do one of the following:

  • Click a cell.
  • Focus a cell (for instance, via the keyboard), and press ENTER or F2.
  • Focus a cell and press any alpha-numeric key. The editor will be invoked, and its contents will be replaced with the pressed character.

If a cell editor provides a dropdown, you can activate the editor and open its dropdown by pressing ALT+DOWN ARROW.

Expanded Select All Text

Press F2 or CTRL+A.

Expanded Close Cell Editor and Accept Changes Made

  • Press ENTER.
  • Click any other grid cell.
  • Focus any other control.

Expanded Discard Changes

To discard the changes made in the focused cell, press ESC.

To discard the changes made in all cells in a row/card, Press ESC twice.

Expanded Open Cell Editor's Dropdown

Do one of the following:

  • Click the editor's dropdown button.

Expanded Change Values

Change Date/Time Values

Date-time values can be edited without opening the dropdown calendar. Position the caret at the portion of a date/time value that needs to be changed. To increment the value, press CTRL+UP ARROW. To decrement the value, press CTRL+DOWN ARROW.

Change Numeric Values

To increment the value, press CTRL+UP ARROW. To decrement the value, press CTRL+DOWN ARROW.

Change Values of Cells That Provide Dropdown Items

To select the previous value, press CTRL+UP ARROW. To select the next value, press CTRL+DOWN ARROW.

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