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 End-User Documentation

Included Components

This topic describes the components available from the WPF Data Editors library.

This topic contains the following sections.

Expanded Overview

The WPF Data Editors library contains a set of editors and simple controls that can be used in WPF applications.
Each editor provides a specific functionality that is required for editing data values of a certain type. In the Visual Studio IDE,
all Data Editors and Simple Controls components are available on the DX.18.1.WPF: Common Controls toolbox tab.

WPF Data Editors are designed to be used in the following ways.

  • As a standalone control

    The code sample below demonstrates how to use the BarCodeEdit control to display a bar code.

    The image below demonstrates the result.

  • As an in-place control

    DevExpress WPF data editors can be used for in-place editing within the container control such as GridControl or Bars. To embed a specific editor in a container control, create a BaseEditSettings descendant that corresponds to a specific editor type. This object provides the implementation of all the editor properties that allow the in-place editor to be fully customized. A container control (e.g., GridControl) uses information provided by the EditSettings classes to create fully-functional editors when required.

    The code sample below demonstrates how to display barcodes within the GridControl using the in-place BarCodeEdit editors.

    The image below demonstrates the result.

Expanded Buttons

Control name Description
SimpleButton Serves as a base for classes that represent button controls.

DropDownButton Represents a dropdown button control.

SplitButton Represents a split button control.

Expanded Item Selection

Control name In-place editor settings Description
ListBoxEdit ListBoxEditSettings Represents a list box.

ComboBoxEdit ComboBoxEditSettings Represents an editor that displays a list of items within a dropdown window.

FontEdit FontEditSettings Represents a font editor.

LookUpEdit LookUpEditSettings Represents a lookup editor.

(LookUpEdit with the SearchLookUpEditStyleSettings settings)

(LookUpEdit with the MultiSelectLookUpEditStyleSettings settings)

(LookUpEdit with the TokenLookUpEditStyleSettings settings)

LookUpEditSettings A lookup editor with a built-in search functionality.

A lookup editor with multiple value selection.

A lookup editor with multiple value selection. Selected values are represented by tokens.

Expanded Data Input

Control name In-place editor settings Description
CheckEdit CheckEditSettings Represents a check box editor.

ToggleSwitchEdit ToggleSwitchEditSettings Represents a toggle switch editor.

ButtonEdit ButtonEditSettings Represents a text editor with embedded buttons.

TextEdit TextEditSettings Represents a text editor.

PasswordBoxEdit PasswordBoxEditSettings Represents a control allowing you to enter and manage passwords.

MemoEdit MemoEditSettings Represents a memo editor control that allows editing memo data.

SpinEdit SpinEditSettings Represents an editor with spin buttons used to adjust a numerical value.

Expanded Date and Time

Control name In-place editor settings Description
DateEdit DateEditSettings Represents a date editor with a dropdown calendar.

DateNavigator Represents a date navigator.

Expanded Image and Color

Control name In-place editor settings Description
ImageEdit ImageEditSettings Represents an image editor.

PopupImageEdit PopupImageEditSettings Represents an editor that displays an image within a dropdown window.

BrushEdit BrushEditSettings Represents a brush editor.

PopupBrushEdit PopupBrushEditSettings Represents a brush editor displayed within a dropdown window.

ColorEdit ColorEditSettings Represents a color editor.

PopupColorEdit PopupColorEditSettings Represents a color editor displayed within a dropdown window.

Expanded Visualization

Control name In-place editor settings Description
ProgressBarEdit ProgressBarEditSettings Represents a progress bar.

SparklineEdit SparklineEditSettings Represents a sparkline control.

TrackBarEdit TrackBarEditSettings Represents a track bar.

RatingEdit Represents a rating editor.

RangeControl Represents a range control.

Expanded Utility

Control name In-place editor settings Description
BarCodeEdit BarCodeEditSettings Represents a barcode editor.

HyperlinkEdit HyperlinkEditSettings Represents a hyperlink editor.

FlyoutControl Represents a flyout control.

Calculator Represents a calculator.

PopupCalcEdit CalcEditSettings Represents a calculator displayed within a dropdown window.

Expanded See Also

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