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 End-User Documentation

Multiple Cell Selection

In this mode, an end-user can select contiguous blocks of cells and individual cells within different data rows by clicking them, while holding the SHIFT or CTRL key down. It is enabled if the DataControlBase.SelectionMode property is set to MultiSelectMode.Cell and the DataViewBase.NavigationStyle property is set to GridViewNavigationStyle.Cell.

The methods which can be used to select/unselect cells:

Method Description


Selects the specified cell.


Selects multiple cells.


Unselects the specified cell.


Unselects multiple cells.

For information on how to obtain selected cells, see Obtaining Selected Rows and Cells.

Selection availability

You can dynamically control selection availability and prevent end-users from selecting or unselecting particular cells.

Handle the TableView.CanSelectCell (TreeListView.CanSelectCell) or TableView.CanUnselectCell (TreeListView.CanUnselectCell) event to dynamically allow or prevent any cell selection.

Expanded Example: How to Change the Appearance of Selected Cells

Show Me

A complete sample project is available in the DevExpress Code Examples database at http://www.devexpress.com/example=E2568.

You should implement your own CellStyle. In this CellStyle, implement style triggers for the SelectionState property. Four values can be

assigned to this property: None, Focused, Selected, FocusedAndSelected.

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