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HTML Tag Support

Expanded Supported Tags

The table below lists HTML tags supported by the RichEditDocumentServer. External links are currently processed for inline pictures and style sheets (CSS files). The ID and Class attributes are interpreted for all tags, including the unlisted ones. These attributes are used to specify a style applied to the document part defined by a certain tag.

Tag Attributes Notes
a dir
b dir
basefont size<br/>color<br/>face<br/>dir
big dir
blockquote dir
br dir
center dir
code dir
del cite<br/>datetime
div page-break-before<br/>page-break-after<br/>page-break-inside<br/>background-color<br/>border (CSS)<br/>dir Only the always property value is supported for the page-break-before tag.
em dir
font size<br/>color<br/>face<br/>dir
h1-h6 align<br/>dir Specify the corresponding paragraph's Paragraph.OutlineLevel property to mark the text in HTML output with H1 - H6 tags. Paragraphs with outline levels higher than 6 are exported as text enclosed in a P tag.
hr align<br/>color<br/>noshade<br/>size<br/>width
i dir
ins cite<br/>datetime
img align<br/>src<br/>height<br/>width If the align attribute is not specified, the image is considered as inline.
li type<br/>value<br/>dir
link href<br/>type<br/>media<br/>dir
ol type<br/>value<br/>align<br/>dir
p align<br/>dir
script Text inside this tag is ignored.
strike dir
strong dir
sub dir
sup dir
table align<br/>bgcolor<br/>border<br/>bordercolor<br/>cellpadding<br/>cellspacing<br/>dir<br/>width The dir attribute reorders table columns and applies the table indent (specified by the Table.Indent property) to the right side of the table.
td align<br/>bgcolor<br/>bordercolor<br/>colspan<br/>height<br/>nowrap<br/>rowspan<br/>text-align<br/>valign<br/>width The align tag is supported in the Internet Explorer only. The bgcolor attribute specifies the TableCellPropertiesBase.NoWrap property value.<br/>RichEditDocumentServer's interpretation of the bordercolor attribute is different from the HTML browser.
th any allowed
tr align<br/>bgcolor<br/>bordercolor<br/>height<br/>text-align<br/>valign The align attribute is supported in the Internet Explorer only.
title Text inside this tag is ignored.
u dir
ul dir

Expanded Unsupported Tags

  • <base> tag with href attribute;
  • <div> tag with border, align and float CSS attribute;
  • <li> tag with list-style-image CSS attribute;
  • <margin> tag;
  • <tab> tag;
  • <table> tag with cols attribute;
  • <td> tab with bordercolor and nowrap attributes;
  • !important declaration;
  • word-wrap and break-word css properties;
  • css3 shapes;
  • <ui> tag with type attribute.

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