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The RatingEdit control is used to visualize and edit ratings.

The RatingEdit control offers the following features.

  • Customizable precision

    Use the RatingEdit.Precision property to specify the required precision. The following settings are available.

    • Exact
    • Full
    • Half
  • Customizable number of rating items

    Use the RatingEdit.ItemsCount property to specify the number of rating items.

  • Customizable rating item appearance

    You can change rating item appearance using custom styles. The following example demonstrates how to create RatingEdit with pentagonal rating items.

To add the RatingEdit to a page, drag it from the Toolbox. Alternatively, you can create RatingEdit using XAML markup as shown in the code snippet below.

In this case, manually add references to the following libraries.

  • DevExpress.Controls
  • DevExpress.Core

To add references, right-click References in the Solution Explorer and select Add Reference… in the invoked context menu.


To collect all assemblies that may be required for your application, use the .

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