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CustomSummaryEventArgs Class

Provides data for the GridControl.CustomSummary event.


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The GridControl.CustomSummary event enables you to calculate summary values manually. This event is raised for each data row involved in the calculations, it also fires before and after calculations allowing you to perform any initialization and finalization required. The CustomSummaryEventArgs class introduces the SummaryProcess property that identifies whether initialization, finalization or total summary value calculation should be performed.

When calculating, read the FieldValue property value to obtain the currently processed field value. If you need the values of other fields, use the RowHandle property. It enables you to identify the current row and, thus, obtain its values. The total summary value should be accumulated in the TotalValue property.

If calculating a group summary value, you may need the GroupLevel and GroupRowHandle properties to identify the currently processed group. You can determine whether a group summary will be calculated using the IsGroupSummary property value.

Use the Item property to access the summary item that provides the settings for the summary calculation.

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