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DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Controls Namespace

Contains classes which provide the functionality for DevExpress controls.

Expanded Classes

  Class Description
Public class PdfOverlaySettingsBase Contains settings specific to the PDF Viewer's overlay.
Public class PdfViewerControl A control to display PDF files in Windows 10 applications, without the need to install any third-party software on end user machines.
Public class PdfViewerErrorWrapper Wraps exceptions that are caught when a document fails to open.
Public class RadialContextMenuControl Represents a radial menu.
Public class RangeControl Represents a Range Control.
Public class RangeControlClientBase The base class for objects that can be embedded into the RangeControl.

Expanded Interfaces

  Interface Description
Public interface IRangeControlClient The interface that a Range Control Client must implement to be embedded in the RangeControl.

Expanded Enumerations

  Enumeration Description
Public enum PdfDocumentLoadingPolicy Lists values that determine how PDF documents are loaded and processed for additional features such as text search, bookmarks, attachments etc.
Public enum PdfViewMode Lists values that specify the viewing mode of the PDF document.
Public enum PdfZoomMode Lists values that specify the zoom mode of the PDF document.
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