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The XtraUserControl class replaces the standard System.Windows.Forms.UserControl component. It provides the capability to create a stand-alone module populated with controls and components which can be reused throughout your application.

To add XtraUserControls at design-time, right-click your project and select the "Add DevExpress Item" option. This invokes the Template Gallery that allows you to add blank XtraUserControls and DevExpress forms, as well as template-based forms.

When compared to a standard WinForms UserControl, the XtraUserControl provides the following advantages:

  • End-users can scroll the XtraUserControl content when hovering it, without needing to focus it first;
  • Communicates with the Layout and Data Layout Controls component to pass the correct control sizes;
  • Allows you to utilize smart tags and Designer dialogs for controls inside an XtraUserControl (or its descendant) directly from a form that hosts this container (visual inheritance);
  • Supports DevExpress skins and ensures look-and-feel consistency across the application.

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