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Main Features

The list below enumerates major Scaffolding Wizard features.

  • Supports multiple data providers
    • Microsoft SQL Server (bundled with EntityFramework)
    • Microsoft SQL Server CE (bundled with EntityFramework)
    • Microsoft LocalDB (bundled with EntityFramework)
    • Oracle Database (Oracle Data Provider for .NET)
    • PostgreSQL (Npgsql)
    • SQLite (System.Data.SQLite)
    • MySQL (MySQL Connector/Net)

  • Generates a ready-to-use application with multiple screens
    • A start-up screen.
    • Screens for each data source table/view that display all records of these tables/views.
    • Detail screens for each data source table/view that allow end-users to modify or add new records to these tables/views.

  • Three UI variations for generating Views
    • Tabbed MDI
    • Hybrid UI
    • Outlook Inspired UI

  • The generated application is completely MVVM-ready and contains all required layers
    • Data Layer
    • Views
    • View Models

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