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 End-User Documentation

Drag And Drop Behavior

The Drag And Drop Behavior allows you to add support for drag-and-drop operations between controls.

Supported controls

Behavior options

  • PreviewVisible - specifies whether a preview of item(s) being dragged displays during operation.
  • InsertIndicatorVisible - specifies whether the indicator is showing items’ insertion position.
  • AllowDrop - specifies whether or not the attached control allows an end-user to drop the item(s) on it.

Using in Windows Forms Designer

In the Windows Forms Designer, invoke the Behaviors Collection Editor by clicking the Edit Behaviors link in the ListBoxControl's smart tag menu. The invoked editor allows you to add/remove the Drag And Drop Behavior, and customize its properties. See the figure below.

You can also use the BehaviorManager component to customize behaviors on your form. See the diagram below.

Note that the Drag And Drop Behavior must be attached to both controls, the source, and the target, for the functionality to work.

Code sample

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