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The DevExpress WinForms Library includes a set of multi-purpose components that add additional functionality to your applications.

Component Description
DefaultLookAndFeel Provides centralized access to global look-and-feel settings that affect all DevExpress controls in your application.
DefaultToolTipController Manages tooltips for all DevExpress controls.
DXErrorProvider Provides error management for DevExpress bound and unbound editors.
DXValidationProvider Provides data validation management for DevExpress bound and unbound editors.
FormAssistant Allows you to convert a regular form to a skinnable or Ribbon form and enable paint effects for the form at design time (e.g., the glass effect for the Ribbon form and the border effect for skinnable forms).

The collection of System.Drawing.Image objects to be used within DevExpress controls. The ImageCollection is also used as a part of the SharedImageCollection component.

PersistentRepository Stores repository items to be shared between container controls and components (GridControl, TreeList, RibbonControl, BarManager, etc).
SharedImageCollection The image collection that allows you to share images between controls within multiple forms.
SplashScreenManager Allows you to create and show splash screens and wait forms.
StyleController Provides centralized appearance and paint style management for Editors and Controls.
TaskbarAssistant Provides methods to manipulate an application taskbar button, Jump List and thumbnail preview.
ToolTipController Provides tooltip management for individual controls.
TransitionManager Allows you to implement animated transitions between control states.
WorkspaceManager Manages layouts of all DevExpress controls in the application as one global workspace. Workspaces can be saved and restored to (from) a local storage or stream.
AlertControl The component that supports displaying alert windows.
ToastNotificationsManager The component that displays Windows Modern UI-inspired toast notifications. See Toast Notification Manager.

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