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 End-User Documentation

Glyph Skinning

The Glyph Skinning feature allows you to paint icons within DevExpress WinForms controls according to a control's foreground color, which is typically determined by the currently applied skin. This feature can assist you in creating modern monochrome interfaces for your applications. All you need to do is follow two simple steps.

  1. Choose a gray-scale icon from the DevExpress Image Gallery or use your own monochrome icon for all desired UI elements.
  2. Set the AllowGlyphSkinning property of the required object (BarItem, RibbonControl, NavBarControl, etc.) to true.

After the AllowGlyphSkinning property is set to true, all icons gain a color hue, specified via the object's foreground color. The image below illustrates a RibbonControl painted with the Glyph Skinning feature in different Skins.


The Glyph Skinning feature is designed to be used with raster icons only. Vector icons are automatically colorized using skin palette colors.

Refer to the Bar and Ribbon Glyph Skinning topic for a detailed description of how to implement this feature for your BarManager or RibbonControl. To use Glyph Skinning in other controls that support this feature (e.g., a NavBarControl), follow the same steps and use the related AllowGlyphSkinning property. The table below lists all controls that support the Glyph Skinning feature and their AllowGlyphSkinning properties.


Glyph Skinning can be applied to...

Property List

Ribbon, Menu and Docking Accordion Control elements AccordionControl.AllowGlyphSkinning
Bar items and links BarItem.AllowGlyphSkinning
Backstage items BackstageViewControl.AllowGlyphSkinning
Dock Manager panels DockManager.AllowGlyphSkinning
Application UI Manager documents IBaseDocumentDefaultProperties.AllowGlyphSkinning
Tile Nav Pane items TileNavPane.AllowGlyphSkinning
Navigation Pane page headers NavigationPane.AllowGlyphSkinning
Office Navigation Bar items (in Compact mode only) OfficeNavigationBar.AllowGlyphSkinning
Tab Form pages TabFormControlBase.AllowGlyphSkinning
WindowsUI Button Panel buttons WindowsUIButtonPanel.AllowGlyphSkinning
Tabbed MDI Manager tabs XtraTabbedMdiManager.AllowGlyphSkinning
Editors Labels LabelControl.AllowGlyphSkinning
ButtonEdit and other editors, whose repositories deriver from the RepositoryItemButtonEdit class RepositoryItemButtonEdit.AllowGlyphSkinning
Buttons SimpleButton.AllowGlyphSkinning
Tile Control and WindowsUI View tiles TileControl.AllowGlyphSkinning
Tab Control tabs XtraTabControl.AllowGlyphSkinning
XtraGrid Data Grid columns and bands GridOptionsView.AllowGlyphSkinning
XtraLayout Layout items and groups OptionsView.AllowGlyphSkinning
XtraNavBar Navigation Bar elements NavBarControl.AllowGlyphSkinning
XtraPivotGrid Pivot Grid icons PivotGridOptionsView.AllowGlyphSkinning
XtraTreeList Tree List columns and nodes TreeListOptionsView.AllowGlyphSkinning
XtraVerticalGrid Vertical Grid rows and bands CustomDrawRowHeaderCellEventArgs.AllowGlyphSkinning
Utils Adorner UI Manager badges BadgeProperties.AllowGlyphSkinning
Context buttons ContextItem.AllowGlyphSkinning
Popup menu items DXMenuItem.AllowGlyphSkinning
Flyout Panel buttons FlyoutPanelButtonOptions.AllowGlyphSkinning
GroupControl headers GroupControl.AllowGlyphSkinning

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