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Main Features

The XtraPrinting Library is a scalable solution to integrating printing and exporting capabilities into your Windows Forms applications at a low-cost. It is a 100% C# data rendering and visualization system from DevExpress that is built specifically for Visual Studio .NET and designed to bring your user interface to a printed page.

With XtraPrinting you can easily print and/or export the contents of virtually any visual control (including advanced DevExpress controls, such as Grid Control and XtraTreeList), as well as offer your end-users a nearly unlimited variety of reports without actually having to create a single one using a traditional report writer.

As with all other DevExpress technologies for Visual Studio .NET, the XtraPrinting Library helps you give control back to your end-users via an easy-to-use runtime interface with an astounding level of flexibility.

When you combine the XtraPrinting with other DevExpress products (such as XtraGrid, XtraPivotGrid, XtraScheduler, etc.), you get the threefold benefit of eliminating the tedium associated with creating traditional banded reports, greatly reducing development time, and making your applications easier to use.

Below is a short list of the features and benefits available to you in the XtraPrinting Library.

Print Any Control

  • Standard Windows Forms Controls - XtraPrinting provides an out-of-the-box support for creating documents that are ready to print and export out of the content of standard DataGrid, TreeView, ListView and RichTextBox controls. Learn more...
  • DevExpress Windows Forms Controls - XtraPrinting supports printing advanced DevExpress controls (such as Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Tree List, Vertical Grid, Scheduler, Charts, Layout Control, Gauges) with just a single line of code. Learn More...
  • DevExpress ASP.NET Controls - With XtraPrinting, you can easily print and export the following controls: ASPxGridView, ASPxPivotGrid, ASPxTreeList, ASPxGauges and XtraCharts.
  • Any Other Control - XtraPrinting provides an extremely flexible programming interface, which allows you to easily implement your own printing solution for any custom Windows Forms control.

Export to Multiple Formats

  • A Large Set of Export Formats - XtraPrinting supports exporting to a variety of formats: PDF, HTML, MHT, TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX, XLSB, RTF, as well as various Image formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, EMF). Learn More...
  • Sending Documents via E-Mail - Sending an exported document via e-mail is performed by clicking a single button in Print Preview.

Programming Interface to Create Banded Reports

  • Banded Document Structure - With XtraPrinting, you can construct documents out of different types of bands. Besides of simply printing the detail data, you can break it into nested groups, add headers and footers to the entire report or its pages, as well as insert customary information into page margins. Learn More...
  • Brick as an Atom Element - XtraPrinting is a pioneering technology used to construct documents out of bricks - atom elements to which all elements are converted before they are printed on a page. A variety of brick types is available to support printing of different control types. Learn More...
  • Custom Brick Types - If none of the standard brick types meet your requirements, you have the freedom to create custom brick types for printing your controls. Learn More...
  • Multiple Events for a Brick - XtraPrinting provides a lot of events for every brick type to allow you to solve any possible task. For instance, you can handle an end-user's click in Print Preview to show another document in a separate Preview form; e.g., when implementing a master-detail report hierarchy. Learn More...
  • Page Numbers and Summaries - With XtraPrinting, you can easily print page numbers in a document, as well as insert page summaries that are re-calculated each time a page's layout has been changed. Learn More...
  • Print and Preview - You can choose either to show the created documents in a Print Preview form, or print and/or export them directly - without previewing. Learn More...

Enhanced Print Preview Capabilities

  • Preview Form and Preview Control - To preview a report with XtraPrinting you only need to write a single line of code that invokes the Print Preview window for the specified document. You can also embed Print Preview into a custom form. Learn More...
  • Customizable Preview - You have the total control over the Print Preview form's look-and-feel, as well as you can completely customize it (e.g., hide some buttons from its toolbar or add your own commands to it).
  • Rich Set of Supported Skins - As with all other DevExpress products, XtraPrinting fully supports standard DevExpress skins and provides the capability to create your own custom skins. Learn More...
  • Document Scaling and Zooming - Print Preview provides the built-in capability to scale and zoom documents, using the corresponding toolbar buttons.
  • Page Setup Dialog - Print Preview provides the Page Setup dialog with a set of options to specify a printer, select which pages to print and so on.
  • Facing and Continuous Page Layout - A document can be previewed in two modes - facing and continuous. When the Facing layout is active, pages are arranged side-by-side. In a Continuous mode, pages are arranged as a continuous vertical column.
  • Multiple Pages Layout - A fixed number of document pages can be shown in Print Preview regardless of the window size.
  • Watermark and Background Color - You can specify a color to fill pages, as well as add text or an image watermark to a document's pages.
  • Customizable Margins in Preview - It is possible to adjust a document's page margins directly in Print Preview.

Apart from XtraPrinting, we are also proud to introduce our advanced reporting tool - The XtraReports Suite. It tremendously extends the functionality of the XtraPrinting Library by providing a visual report designer and supporting numerous platforms where to publish your reports: Windows Forms, ASP.NET (including MVC support), WPF, Silverlight and LightSwitch.

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