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Bonus and Custom Skin Registration

To use skins from external libraries (e.g., DevExpress.BonusSkins.17.2.dll or a library created via the WinForms Skin Editor utility), add the skin library to the project and add specific code to register the library for runtime use. Typically, the registration code should be called in the static Main function.

Expanded Register DevExpress.BonusSkins Library

Add the following registration code to your project to use skins from the DevExpress.BonusSkins.17.2.dll library.

Expanded Register Custom Skins

You can create custom skins with the WinForms Skin Editor utility. See Export and Apply Custom Skins to learn how to obtain the registration code for your custom skin library.

The following example shows how to register a custom SkinProject1 library.

After you have added the code above, rebuild the project and add the SkinRegistration component from the Visual Studio toolbox to the main application form.

Expanded Register Custom Skins for Use in Splash Screens and Wait Forms

Splash screens and wait forms created with the SplashScreenManager component run in a separate thread. Note that information on custom skins registered in the main thread is not available in the splash screen thread until you call the SplashScreenManager.RegisterUserSkins method.

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