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How To: Localize Bar and Ribbon Skin Items

To rename Bar skin sub-menu items and Ribbon skin gallery items, you can iterate through each container and modify its items manually. The alternate approach to customize skin menus is to utilize a Localizer object. This approach allows you to customize skin items in all existing bar sub-menus and Ribbon galleries at once.

  1. Create a BarLocalizer class descendant and override its virtual XtraLocalizer<T>.GetLocalizedString method.

  2. Set a new instance of your custom class as the currently used bar localizer. To do so, use the static BarLocalizer.Active property. The best place to call this method is the Program class, before the Application.Run method call.

  3. Run the application to see the result.


If your custom localizer is assigned after a bar skin sub item or if the Ribbon skin gallery is already initialized (e.g., on the Load event), skin items will have their default captions. To make the localizer work, re-initialize your skin items by calling static SkinHelper.InitSkinPopupMenu and SkinHelpber.InitSkinGallery methods.

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