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 End-User Documentation


All editors support the following features:

  • You can bind them to a data field;
  • They can all be used for standalone or in-place editing within DevExpress container controls (XtraGrid, XtraVerticalGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraBars, etc). See Repositories and Repository Items to learn how to embed editors into container controls;
  • They all use the same Skinning, Style, Look and feel, and Tooltip mechanisms, since they have the same BaseEdit ancestor.

Expanded Editor List

The table below lists available editors and corresponding repository items. A repository item is an object that stores properties and events pertaining to a corresponding editor. Container controls use information provided by repository items to create fully-functional editors when required. See the Repositories and Repository Items document for more details.

ButtonEdit RepositoryItemButtonEdit The text editor that supports built-in buttons in the edit box.

HyperLinkEdit RepositoryItemHyperLinkEdit The editor to display and edit hyperlinks and navigate to their targets.

MemoEdit RepositoryItemMemoEdit Allows you to display and edit multi-line text.

SpinEdit RepositoryItemSpinEdit The editor to edit numeric values using spin buttons.

TextEdit RepositoryItemTextEdit The single-line text editor.

TimeEdit RepositoryItemTimeEdit The editor to edit time values using spin buttons or dropdown calendar.

CheckEdit RepositoryItemCheckEdit Allows an end-user to select between two (checked and unchecked) or three (checked, unchecked and indeterminate) states. Multiple CheckEdit controls can be combined into a logical radio-group.

MarqueeProgressBarControl RepositoryItemMarqueeProgressBar Indicates that an operation is going on by continuously scrolling a block from left to right.

PictureEdit RepositoryItemPictureEdit The editor that displays images stored in bitmap, metafile, icon, JPEG, GIF, PNG or SVG format.

ProgressBarControl RepositoryItemProgressBar The control that indicates the progress of a lengthy operation.

RadioGroup RepositoryItemRadioGroup Combines multiple options (radio buttons) into a group that supports selecting one of several options.

RangeTrackBarControl RepositoryItemRangeTrackBar The track bar with two sliders that allow a user to select a range of values.

SparklineEdit RepositoryItemSparklineEdit Visualizes data in a highly condensed way, allowing end-users to quickly understand and compare values from different sources.

ToggleSwitch RepositoryItemToggleSwitch The check editor to edit Boolean values using a movable bar.

TrackBarControl RepositoryItemTrackBar The control that allows end-users to select a value by dragging a small thumb along a scale.

ZoomTrackBarControl RepositoryItemZoomTrackBar The control that helps your end-users perform zooming by sliding a thumb.

RatingControl RepositoryItemRatingControl The control to rate a specific content.

BreadCrumbEdit RepositoryItemBreadCrumbEdit The MS Windows Explorer-inspired navigation bar that allows end-users to navigate through a hierarchical tree of nodes.

CalcEdit RepositoryItemCalcEdit Allows you to edit numeric values using a dropdown calculator.

CheckedComboBoxEdit RepositoryItemCheckedComboBoxEdit Allows you to display and edit a set of Boolean options and bit fields in a popup window.

ColorEdit RepositoryItemColorEdit The editor that allows you to select a color from a dropdown window.

ColorPickEdit RepositoryItemColorPickEdit An advanced dropdown color picker that supports multiple palettes (a predefined color palette, Web, Web-Safe and System) to choose colors from.

ComboBoxEdit RepositoryItemComboBox The text editor that allows you to select predefined items from a dropdown list. List items are typically represented by strings.

DateEdit RepositoryItemDateEdit The editor to edit date/time values using a dropdown calendar.

FontEdit RepositoryItemFontEdit The editor to select a font from a dropdown list.

ImageComboBoxEdit RepositoryItemImageComboBox The combo box editor whose items can display custom images. The control also allows values from an enumeration to be displayed.

ImageEdit RepositoryItemImageEdit The editor that displays images in a popup window.

MemoExEdit RepositoryItemMemoExEdit The editor to edit multi-line text in a popup window.

MRUEdit RepositoryItemMRUEdit The text editor that allows you to type a value or choose one of most recently used (MRU) values from a dropdown list.

PopupContainerEdit RepositoryItemPopupContainerEdit The editor that allows you to display any controls within its popup window.

PopupGalleryEdit RepositoryItemPopupGalleryEdit The editor that displays a dropdown gallery of items categorized into groups.

TimeEdit RepositoryItemTimeEdit The editor to edit time values using spin buttons or dropdown calendar.

TimeSpanEdit RepositoryItemTimeSpanEdit The editor to display and edit time intervals.

TokenEdit RepositoryItemTokenEdit The text editor that applies custom validation to the entered text and transforms text blocks which passed this validation to tokens. See Token Edit Control.

GridLookUpEdit RepositoryItemGridLookUpEdit The editor that provides lookup functionality using a dropdown feature-rich data grid (GridControl).

LookUpEdit RepositoryItemLookUpEdit The editor that provides lookup functionality using a lightweight dropdown grid.

SearchLookUpEdit RepositoryItemSearchLookUpEdit The editor that provides lookup functionality using a dropdown feature-rich data grid (GridControl), and contains the built-in Find Panel, allowing end-users to quickly filter and locate dropdown rows.

TreeListLookUpEdit RepositoryItemTreeListLookUpEdit The editor that provides lookup functionality using a dropdown TreeList control.

SearchControl RepositoryItemSearchControl The control that provides the search and filter functionality for the attached object.

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