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 End-User Documentation

Dropdown Editors Overview

Expanded Dropdown Editors

Dropdown editors are controls that use popup windows to provide access to editor-specific data (a list of items to select, memo data, image, etc). Dropdown editors included in the XtraEditors library are listed below.


The XtraScheduler and other libraries provide additional dropdown editors, which you may find useful. See descendants of the PopupBaseEdit class for a complete list of DevExpress WinForms dropdown editors.

Dropdown Editors Repository Item Description
BreadCrumbEdit RepositoryItemBreadCrumbEdit The MS Windows Explorer-inspired navigation bar that allows end-users to navigate through a hierarchical tree of nodes.

CalcEdit RepositoryItemCalcEdit Allows you to edit numeric values using a dropdown calculator.

CheckedComboBoxEdit RepositoryItemCheckedComboBoxEdit Allows you to display and edit a set of Boolean options and bit fields in a popup window.

ColorEdit RepositoryItemColorEdit The editor that allows you to select a color from a dropdown window.

ColorPickEdit RepositoryItemColorPickEdit An advanced dropdown color picker that supports multiple palettes (a predefined color palette, Web, Web-Safe and System) to choose colors from.

ComboBoxEdit RepositoryItemComboBox The text editor that allows you to select predefined items from a dropdown list. List items are typically represented by strings.

DateEdit RepositoryItemDateEdit The editor to edit date/time values using a dropdown calendar.

FontEdit RepositoryItemFontEdit The editor to select a font from a dropdown list.

ImageComboBoxEdit RepositoryItemImageComboBox The combo box editor whose items can display custom images. The control also allows values from an enumeration to be displayed.

ImageEdit RepositoryItemImageEdit The editor that displays images in a popup window.

LookUpEdit RepositoryItemLookUpEdit The editor that provides lookup functionality using a lightweight dropdown grid.

See also: GridLookUpEdit, SearchLookUpEdit, TreeListLookUpEdit.

MemoExEdit RepositoryItemMemoExEdit The editor to edit multi-line text in a popup window.

MRUEdit RepositoryItemMRUEdit The text editor that allows you to type a value or choose one of most recently used (MRU) values from a dropdown list.

PopupContainerEdit RepositoryItemPopupContainerEdit The editor that allows you to display any controls within its popup window.

PopupGalleryEdit RepositoryItemPopupGalleryEdit The editor that displays a dropdown gallery of items categorized into groups.

TimeEdit RepositoryItemTimeEdit The editor to edit time values using spin buttons or dropdown calendar.

TimeSpanEdit RepositoryItemTimeSpanEdit The editor to display and edit time intervals.

Expanded Common Features of Dropdown Editors

Properties, methods and events common for all dropdown editors are provided by the PopupBaseEdit and RepositoryItemPopupBase classes that serve as the base for editor and repository item classes respectively.

The popup window can be activated by clicking the editor button whose index is assigned to the RepositoryItemPopupBase.ActionButtonIndex property. End-users can also press the ALT+DOWN ARROW key combination or the shortcut specified by the RepositoryItemPopupBase.CloseUpKey property. To open the popup via code, call the PopupBaseEdit.ShowPopup method. In every case, the PopupBaseEdit.QueryPopUp event is raised before the popup window is actually opened. The handler is able to stop the dropdown from appearing.

End-users can close the dropdown window by accepting or discarding their choice. Similarly, you can use two methods to close the dropdown window: PopupBaseEdit.ClosePopup and PopupBaseEdit.CancelPopup, to accept or discard changes, respectively.

When closing a popup window, the PopupBaseEdit.QueryCloseUp and PopupBaseEdit.CloseUp events are raised. The first event can be used to prevent the window closing, provided that the user does not switch focus away from the control. The PopupBaseEdit.CloseUp event fires in all cases and only provides notification that the window has been closed.

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