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DataAccessUIStringId Enumeration

Contains values corresponding to strings that can be localized.


Expanded Public Members

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  Name Description
Public field Button_Add Default value: "&Add"
Public field Button_Browse Default value: "Browse..."
Public field Button_Cancel Default value: "&Cancel"
Public field Button_Close Default value: "&Close"
Public field Button_EditRelations Default value: "&Edit Relations..."
Public field Button_Finish Default value: "&Finish"
Public field Button_Next Default value: "&Next"
Public field Button_OK Default value: "&OK"
Public field Button_Preview Default value: "&Preview..."
Public field Button_Previous Default value: "&Previous"
Public field Button_QueryBuilder Default value: "&Run Query Builder..."
Public field Button_Remove Default value: "&Remove"
Public field ChooseEFStoredProceduresDialog Default value: "Select stored procedures to add"
Public field ConnectionEditorTitle Default value: "Connection Editor"
Public field ConnectionErrorFormDetailPattern Default value: "Connection name: {0}\r\nError message: {1}"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AdvantageServerType Default value: "Server type:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AdvantageServerTypeInternet Default value: "Internet"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AdvantageServerTypeLocal Default value: "Local"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AdvantageServerTypeRemote Default value: "Remote"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AuthenticationType Default value: "Authentication type:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AuthenticationType_BigQueryKeyFile Default value: "Key file"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AuthenticationType_BigQueryOAuth Default value: "OAuth"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AuthenticationType_MSSqlServer Default value: "Server authentication"
Public field ConnectionProperties_AuthenticationType_MSSqlWindows Default value: "Windows authentication"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ClientID Default value: "Client ID:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ClientSecret Default value: "Client Secret:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ConnectionString Default value: "Connection string:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_Database Default value: "Database:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_DatabaseListLoadingError Default value: "Database List Loading Error"
Public field ConnectionProperties_DataSetID Default value: "DataSet ID:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_Hostname Default value: "Hostname:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_KeyFileName Default value: "Key file name:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_Password Default value: "Password:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_Port Default value: "Port:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ProjectID Default value: "Project ID:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_Provider Default value: "Provider:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_RefreshToken Default value: "Refresh Token:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ServerName Default value: "Server name:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ServerType Default value: "Server type:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ServerTypeEmbedded Default value: "Embedded"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ServerTypeServer Default value: "Server"
Public field ConnectionProperties_ServiceAccountEmail Default value: "Service account email:"
Public field ConnectionProperties_UserName Default value: "User name:"
Public field CustomAssemblyWarning Default value: "You are about to load a third-party library: '{0}'.\r\n\r\nBefore you proceed, please consider resulting security risks and make sure that this library is supplied from a trusted source."
Public field DataConnectionParametersDialog Obsolete. Default value: "Connection error"
Public field DataConnectionParametersDialog_Header_UnableConnect Obsolete. Default value: "Unable to connect to the database. See details below."
Public field DataPreviewForm_Title Default value: "Data Preview"
Public field DataSourceName Default value: "Data source name: {0}"
Public field DSTypeEF Default value: "Entity Framework"
Public field DSTypeExcel Default value: "Excel File"
Public field DSTypeObject Default value: "Object Binding"
Public field DSTypeSql Default value: "Database"
Public field EFConnectionEditorMessageCustomAssembliesProhibited Default value: "The current security policy prohibits loading of third-party assemblies.\r\n\r\nClick OK to discard the current data source settings and configure them from scratch.\r\nClick Cancel to keep the current settings without configuring the data source"
Public field EFConnectionEditorTitle Default value: "Entity Framework Data Connection Editor"
Public field EFDataMemberEditorTitle Default value: "Entity Framework Data Member Editor"
Public field EFDataSourceDesignerVerbEdit Default value: "Edit..."
Public field EFDataSourceEditorTitle Default value: "Entity Framework Data Source Editor"
Public field EFEditorsNoStoredProcs Default value: "No stored procedures are available in the data context."
Public field EFFilterCollectionEditor Default value: "Entity Framework Filter Collection Editor"
Public field EFFilterControl_AddParameter Default value: "Add Filter Parameter"
Public field EFFilterParametersForm Default value: "Filter Parameters"
Public field EFStoredProcsEditorTitle Default value: "Manage Stored Procedures"
Public field ErrorFormDatasourceInitializationText Default value: "Unable to load data into one or several datasources. See information below for details."
Public field ExcelDataSourceDesignerVerbEdit Default value: "Edit..."
Public field ExcelDataSourceDesignerVerbUpdateSchema Default value: "Rebuild Result Schema"
Public field ExcelDataSourceEditorTitle Default value: "Excel Data Source Editor"
Public field ExcelDataSourceWizard_DefinedNameItem Default value: "Defined Name"
Public field ExcelDataSourceWizard_TableItem Default value: "Table"
Public field ExcelDataSourceWizard_Title Default value: "Table"
Public field ExcelDataSourceWizard_WorksheetItem Default value: "Worksheet"
Public field ExpressionEditor_EmptyExpression Default value: "The expression string cannot be empty."
Public field ExpressionEditor_ExpressionContainsErrors Default value: "The expression contains errors."
Public field ExpressionEditor_InvalidProperty Default value: "Invalid property: '{0}'."
Public field ExpressionEditor_NavigateToErrors Default value: "To view the errors, click the drop-down button in the editor's status bar."
Public field ExpressionEditor_NoSuggestionsMessage Default value: "No suggestions"
Public field ExpressionEditorViewTitle Default value: "Expression Editor"
Public field FilterStringEditorInvalidQuery Default value: "An error occurred during query validation: {0}\r\nUpdate the connection settings so that they match the database schema or discard this query."
Public field FiltersView Default value: "Filter Editor"
Public field FiltersView_CheckText Default value: "&Select only"
Public field FiltersView_Distinct Default value: "Select only distinct values"
Public field FiltersView_Filter Default value: "&Filter"
Public field FiltersView_GroupFilter Default value: "&Group Filter"
Public field FiltersView_SkipTooltip Default value: "This option is only available when the result set is sorted."
Public field FiltersView_TopAndSkipText Default value: "records starting with index"
Public field JoinEditor Default value: "Join Editor"
Public field JoinEditor_JoinType Default value: "Join type:"
Public field JoinEditorEmptyColumnText Default value: "<Select a column>"
Public field JoinEditorEmptyTableText Default value: "<Select a table>"
Public field JoinEditorEqualOperator Default value: "Equals to"
Public field JoinEditorFillAllFieldsException Default value: "Some fields are empty. Please fill all empty fields or remove the corresponding conditions to proceed."
Public field JoinEditorGreaterOperator Default value: "Is greater than"
Public field JoinEditorGreaterOrEqualOperator Default value: "Is greater than or equal to"
Public field JoinEditorLessOperator Default value: "Is less than"
Public field JoinEditorLessOrEqualOperator Default value: "Is less than or equal to"
Public field JoinEditorNotEqualOperator Default value: "Does not equal to"
Public field JoinInformation Default value: "Join Information"
Public field LoadingDataCustomError Default value: "Error message:\r\n{0}\r\n"
Public field LoadingDataException Default value: "Data loading failed because the exception occurred."
Public field LoadingDataSourceAborted Default value: "Data loading has been aborted."
Public field LoadingDataSourceOpeningConnectionError Default value: "Connection name: {0}\r\nError message:\r\n{1}\r\n"
Public field LoadingDatasourceOutOfMemoryError Default value: "Not enough memory to load data"
Public field LoadingDataSqlError Default value: "SQL execution error:\r\n{0}\r\n"
Public field MasterDetailEditorAddConditionMessage Default value: "Create a new condition"
Public field MasterDetailEditorAddRelationMessage Default value: "Add a relation to the detail query"
Public field MasterDetailEditorColumnsHasDifferentTypesConfirmation Default value: "The '{0}'.'{1}' and '{3}'.'{4}' columns have different types ({2} and {5}). Do you wish to continue?"
Public field MasterDetailEditorEditQueryRelations Default value: "Edit Relations for the '{0}' Query"
Public field MasterDetailEditorEditRelation Default value: "Edit Relation"
Public field MasterDetailEditorForm_Title Default value: "Master-Detail Relation Editor"
Public field MasterDetailEditorInvalidColumnNameMessage Default value: "Cannot find the specified column: \"{0}\". Specify an existing column name."
Public field MasterDetailEditorInvalidColumnQueryNameMessage Default value: "Cannot find the specified query: \"{0}\". Specify an existing query name before selecting a column."
Public field MasterDetailEditorInvalidQueryNameMessage Default value: "Cannot find the specified query: \"{0}\". Specify an existing query name."
Public field MasterDetailEditorInvalidRelationNameMessage Default value: "A relation with the specified name already exists."
Public field MasterDetailEditorLabelInvalidRelationsText Default value: "{0} invalid relation(s)"
Public field MasterDetailEditorMultipleValidationErrorsMessage Default value: "The following errors occurred during query validation:{0}"
Public field MasterDetailEditorRemoveConditionMessage Default value: "Remove the condition"
Public field MasterDetailEditorRemoveRelationMessage Default value: "Remove the relation"
Public field MessageBoxConfirmationTitle Default value: "Confirmation"
Public field MessageBoxErrorTitle Default value: "Error"
Public field MessageBoxWarningTitle Default value: "Warning"
Public field MessageCannotLoadDatabasesList Default value: "Error has occurred during loading databases list."
Public field MessageCannotLoadServersList Default value: "Cannot find any database servers."
Public field MessageLessThanTwoQueries Default value: "At least two queries are required to create a master-detail relation."
Public field MessageMissingConnection Default value: "No connection has been specified."
Public field ODSConstructorEditorTitle Default value: "Configure Constructor Settings"
Public field ODSDataMemberEditorTitle Default value: "Configure Data Member"
Public field ODSDataSourceEditorTitle Default value: "Configure Data Source"
Public field ODSEditorsAbstractTypeMessage Default value: "Cannot use a constructor to create an object of the {0} type that is a static or abstract class, or interface."
Public field ODSEditorsCannotResolveDataMember Default value: "Cannot resolve the specified data member. To specify the data member and its parameters, use the Data Member editor."
Public field ODSEditorsCannotResolveDataSource Default value: "Cannot resolve the specified object type. To specify the object's assembly, return type, data member and/or constructor parameters, use the Data Source editor."
Public field ODSEditorsIsPropertyMessage Default value: "The {0} data member is a property. To be able to receive parameters, a data member must be a method."
Public field ODSEditorsNoDataMemberMessage Default value: "Cannot specify parameters unless the DataMember property has been assigned a value."
Public field ODSEditorsNoDataSetMessage Default value: "The current operation cannot be accomplished unless the data source has been specified."
Public field ODSEditorsNoMembersInType Default value: "The {0} data source type does not provide any members suitable for binding."
Public field ODSEditorsNoParametersMessage Default value: "The {0} data member cannot receive parameters, because this is a method without parameters."
Public field ODSEditorsStaticMemberMessage Default value: "{0} is a static member. Using a constructor to create an instance of the {1} class is not appropriate."
Public field ODSParametersEditorTitle Default value: "Configure Parameters"
Public field ParametersColumn_Expression Default value: "Expression"
Public field ParametersColumn_Name Default value: "Name"
Public field ParametersColumn_QueryName Default value: "Query"
Public field ParametersColumn_Selected Default value: "Selected"
Public field ParametersColumn_Type Default value: "Type"
Public field ParametersColumn_Value Default value: "Value"
Public field ParametersColumn_Version Default value: "Version"
Public field ParametersGridForm_Title Default value: "Query Parameters"
Public field PasswordRequest Default value: "Password"
Public field PasswordRequest_FileName Default value: "&File name:"
Public field PasswordRequest_Password Default value: "&Password:"
Public field PasswordRequest_SavePassword Default value: "&Save password"
Public field QueryBuilder Default value: "Query Builder"
Public field QueryBuilder_AddToSelect Default value: "Add to Select"
Public field QueryBuilder_AllowEdit Default value: "&Allow Edit SQL"
Public field QueryBuilder_Delete Default value: "Delete"
Public field QueryBuilder_DeleteCondition Default value: "Delete Condition"
Public field QueryBuilder_DeleteRelation Default value: "Delete Relation"
Public field QueryBuilder_EditRelation Default value: "Edit Relation"
Public field QueryBuilder_RemoveFromSelect Default value: "Remove from Select"
Public field QueryBuilder_Rename Default value: "Rename"
Public field QueryBuilder_SortAscending Default value: "Sort Ascending"
Public field QueryBuilder_SortDescending Default value: "Sort Descending"
Public field QueryBuilderButtons_EditParameters
Public field QueryBuilderButtons_Filter Default value: "&Filter..."
Public field QueryBuilderButtons_PreviewResults Default value: "&Preview Results..."
Public field QueryBuilderCircularRelationWarning Default value: "The link between {0}.{1} and {2}.{3} results in a circular relation and cannot be added."
Public field QueryBuilderColumn Default value: "Column"
Public field QueryBuilderColumns_Aggregate Default value: "Aggregate"
Public field QueryBuilderColumns_Alias Default value: "Alias"
Public field QueryBuilderColumns_GroupBy Default value: "Group By"
Public field QueryBuilderColumns_Output Default value: "Output"
Public field QueryBuilderColumns_SortingType Default value: "Sorting Type"
Public field QueryBuilderColumns_SortOrder Default value: "Sort Order"
Public field QueryBuilderColumnsOf Default value: "Columns of {0}"
Public field QueryBuilderCustomSqlRequiresParameters Default value: "The query contains parameters and cannot be executed before they are declared. \r\nPlease go to the next wizard page to declare the required query parameters and preview the results."
Public field QueryBuilderJoinTypeUpdatingConfirmation Default value: "The new join type will be applied to all existing relations between the following two tables: {0}, {1}. Do you wish to continue?"
Public field QueryBuilderRelationBetweenTwoColumnsOfTheSameTable Default value: "Cannot create a relation between two columns that belong to the same table {0}."
Public field QueryBuilderTable Default value: "Table"
Public field QueryControl_SqlString Default value: "SQL string:"
Public field QueryDesignControlAliasAlreadyExists Default value: "The specified alias already exists. Do you want to correct the value?"
Public field QueryDesignControlDataPreviewCaption Default value: "Data Preview (First 1000 Rows Displayed)"
Public field QueryDesignControlDataPreviewCaption_All Default value: "Data Preview"
Public field QueryDesignControlExpressionChanged Default value: "This action will reset the SQL expression, and all your changes will be discarded. Do you wish to continue?"
Public field QueryDesignControlJoinCommandPattern Default value: "Join {0}"
Public field QueryDesignControlNoSelection Default value: "No column has been selected. Please select at least one column to proceed."
Public field QueryDesignControlRemoveTables Default value: "The following tables will be removed from the query.\r\n\r\n{0}\r\nDo you wish to continue?"
Public field QueryDesignControlTableNameAlreadyExists Default value: "A table with the specified name already exists. Please specify a different table name."
Public field QueryDesignControlTableNameEmpty Default value: "The table name cannot be empty."
Public field QueryEditorMessageInvalidQuery Default value: "Query validation failed with message:\r\n{0}\r\n\r\nTo discard this query and begin from scratch, click OK.\r\nTo close the visual editor and keep the current query, click Cancel."
Public field QueryEditorTitle Default value: "Query Editor"
Public field QueryEditorWaitFormValidating Default value: "Validating query..."
Public field QueryFilter_AddQueryParameter Default value: "Add Query Parameter"
Public field QueryFilter_BindTo Default value: "Bind To"
Public field QueryFilter_BoundTo Default value: "Bound to {0}"
Public field QueryFilter_CreateQueryParameter Default value: "Create Query Parameter"
Public field QueryFilter_SelectParameter Default value: "<select a parameter>"
Public field RebuildResultSchemaCaption Default value: "Rebuild Result Schema"
Public field RebuildResultSchemaComplete Default value: "Result schema is rebuilt successfully."
Public field RebuildResultSchemaConfirmationText Default value: "Do you wish to execute the following queries on the server and obtain the resulting schema?"
Public field SortingTypeAscending Default value: "Ascending"
Public field SortingTypeDescending Default value: "Descending"
Public field SortingTypeNone Default value: "Unsorted"
Public field SqlDataSourceDesignerVerbEditConnection Default value: "Configure Connection..."
Public field SqlDataSourceDesignerVerbManageQueries Default value: "Manage Queries..."
Public field SqlDataSourceDesignerVerbManageRelations Default value: "Manage Relations..."
Public field SqlDataSourceDesignerVerbRebuildSchema Default value: "Rebuild Result Schema"
Public field SqlDataSourceDesignerVerbRequestDatabaseSchema Default value: "Request Database Schema"
Public field SqlQueryCollectionEditorForm_Title Default value: "Manage Queries"
Public field StoredProcControl_Caption Default value: "Select a stored procedure:"
Public field UpdateDBSchemaCaption Default value: "Request Database Schema"
Public field UpdateDBSchemaComplete Default value: "Database schema is updated successfully."
Public field UpdateSchemaCaption Default value: "Update schema"
Public field UpdateSchemaComplete Default value: "The data source schema has been updated successfully."
Public field UpdateSchemaDataSourceIsNotReady Default value: "The FileName and SourceOptions properties should be assigned."
Public field WaitFormWithCancel_Loading Default value: "Loading Data..."
Public field WizardCannotConnectMessage Default value: "Cannot connect to the database. See the details below."
Public field WizardCannotCreateDataSourceMessage Default value: "Cannot create an empty data source. Please select an object to include."
Public field WizardCannotRetrieveDatabasesMessage Default value: "Cannot retrieve the list of available databases. See the details below."
Public field WizardConfirmExecutionMessage Default value: "Do you wish to execute the query on the server and obtain the resulting query schema?"
Public field WizardDataSourceCreatedMessage Default value: "The data source has been successfully created"
Public field WizardDataSourceEmptyNameMessage Default value: "The data source name cannot be empty."
Public field WizardDataSourceNameExistsMessage Default value: "A data source with the specified name already exists"
Public field WizardDuplicatingColumnNameMessage Default value: "A data schema contains a duplicated column '{0}'. Modify the query so that all columns have unique names."
Public field WizardEmptyStoredProceduresListMessage Default value: "There are no stored procedures in the current database."
Public field WizardFinishPageText Default value: "Select an object to include in your data source"
Public field WizardPageChooseConnection Default value: "Do you wish to use an existing data connection?"
Public field WizardPageChooseConnection_ChooseExistingConnection Default value: "Yes, let me choose an existing connection from the list"
Public field WizardPageChooseConnection_SpecifyCustomConnection Default value: "No, I'd like to specify the connection parameters myself"
Public field WizardPageChooseConnectionNoChoice Default value: "Select a data connection."
Public field WizardPageChooseDataSourceName Default value: "Enter the data source name"
Public field WizardPageChooseDSType Default value: "Select the data source type."
Public field WizardPageChooseEFConnectionString Default value: "Do you wish to select a connection string from the list of available settings?"
Public field WizardPageChooseEFConnectionString_ChooseConnection Default value: "Yes, let me choose from list"
Public field WizardPageChooseEFConnectionString_CustomConnection Default value: "No, specify a custom connection string"
Public field WizardPageChooseEFContext Default value: "Choose an existing data context or browse for an assembly."
Public field WizardPageChooseEFDataMember Default value: "Select a data member"
Public field WizardPageChooseExcelFileDataRange Default value: "Select the required worksheet, table or defined name referring to the specified range."
Public field WizardPageChooseFile Default value: "Select an Excel workbook or CSV file."
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions Default value: "Specify import settings."
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_Culture Default value: "&Culture:"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_DetectAutomatically Default value: "Detect automatically"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_Encoding Default value: "&Encoding:"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_FirstRowAsFieldNames Default value: "Use values of the &first row as field names"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_NewLineType Default value: "&Newline type:"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_Options Default value: "Options"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_SkipEmptyRows Default value: "Skip &empty rows"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_SkipHiddenColumns Default value: "Skip hidden &columns"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_SkipHiddenRows Default value: "Skip hidden &rows"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_TextQualifier Default value: "Text &qualifier:"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_TrimBlanks Default value: "Trim blanks"
Public field WizardPageChooseFileOptions_ValueSeparator Default value: "Value &separator:"
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectAssembly Default value: "Select an assembly containing the class type definition of a data source."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectAssembly_ShowOnlyHighlighted Default value: "Show only highlighted assemblies"
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectBindingMode Default value: "Select the data binding mode."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectBindingMode_RetrieveData Default value: "Retrieve the actual data"
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectBindingMode_RetrieveDataDescription Default value: "The object data source automatically creates an instance of the specified type by using one of the available constructors. If only one constructor is available, this constructor will be used."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectBindingMode_RetrieveSchema Default value: "Retrieve the data source schema"
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectBindingMode_RetrieveSchemaDescription Default value: "Only the data source schema is retrieved from the specified object, without feeding the actual data.\r\n\r\nTo manually retrieve the actual data, create a data source object's instance in code and assign it to the ObjectDataSource.DataSource property."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectConstructor Default value: "Select a data source constructor."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectConstructor_ShowOnlyHighlighted Default value: "Show only highlighted constructors"
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectMember Default value: "Select a data source member (if required)."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectMember_BindToMember Default value: "Select a member to bind."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectMember_BindToObject Default value: "Do not select a member, bind to the entire object."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectMember_ShowOnlyHighlighted Default value: "Show only highlighted members"
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectType Default value: "Select a data source type."
Public field WizardPageChooseObjectType_ShowOnlyHighlighted Default value: "Show only highlighted types"
Public field WizardPageConfigureEFFilters Default value: "Add filter criteria to data source tables and/or views."
Public field WizardPageConfigureEFFilters_ChooseEntityPlaceholder Default value: "Choose Entity"
Public field WizardPageConfigureEFFilters_EntityColumnName Default value: "Entity Name"
Public field WizardPageConfigureEFFilters_FilterColumnName Default value: "Filter String"
Public field WizardPageConfigureExcelFileColumns Default value: "Select required columns and specify their settings."
Public field WizardPageConfigureExcelFileColumns_ColumnExist Default value: "Column with '{0}' name already exists."
Public field WizardPageConfigureExcelFileColumns_ColumnNameEmptyError Default value: "The column name cannot be empty."
Public field WizardPageConfigureMultiQuery Default value: "Create a query or select a stored procedure.\r\nData columns selected from specific tables and/or views will be automatically included into a separate query."
Public field WizardPageConfigureParameters Default value: "Configure query parameters and preview the result."
Public field WizardPageConfigureQuery Default value: "Create a query or select a stored procedure."
Public field WizardPageConfigureQuery_Query Default value: "Query"
Public field WizardPageConfigureQuery_StoredProcedure Default value: "Stored Procedure"
Public field WizardPageConfigureStoredProcedures Default value: "Add stored procedures to the data source, configure their parameters and preview the result."
Public field WizardPageConnectionProperties Default value: "Select the data provider and specify the connection properties."
Public field WizardPageEFConnectionProperties Default value: "Specify a connection string."
Public field WizardPageEFConnectionProperties_CustomConnection Default value: "Specify a custom connection string"
Public field WizardPageEFConnectionProperties_DefaultConnection Default value: "Use default connection string"
Public field WizardPageEFConnectionProperties_SaveToConfig Default value: "Save the connection string to config file as:"
Public field WizardPageObjectConstructorParameters Default value: "Specify the constructor parameters."
Public field WizardPageObjectMemberParameters Default value: "Specify the method parameters."
Public field WizardPageSaveConnection Default value: "Save the connection string."
Public field WizardPageSaveConnection_ConfirmSaving Default value: "Yes, save the connection as:"
Public field WizardPageSaveConnection_SaveConnectionString Default value: "Do you want to save the connection string to the application's configuration file?"
Public field WizardPageSaveConnection_SaveCredentials Default value: "Yes, save all required parameters"
Public field WizardPageSaveConnection_SaveCredentialsQuestion Default value: "The connection uses server authentication.\r\nDo you want to save the user name and password?"
Public field WizardPageSaveConnection_SkipSaveCredentials Default value: "No, skip credentials for security reasons"
Public field WizardTitleDatasource Default value: "Data Source Wizard"
Public field WizardTitleODS Default value: "ObjectDataSource Wizard"

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