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The DevExpress Grid for Xamarin is a powerful editing and data shaping component for working with tabular data on modern mobile devices that utilize the iOS or Android operating systems. It supports the Xamarin.Forms technology and allows you to create native mobile applications in C#. The GridControl enables a flexible UI with a wide-variety of features, allowing your end-users to easily and intuitively manage large amounts of data. It also exposes a comprehensive set of properties, methods and events that can help you develop feature-rich applications.


  • Binding to various data sources

  • Columns for displaying and editing data of different types (images, text, numbers, dates, etc.)

  • Cell templates

  • Auto generate columns for data source fields

  • Calculated (unbound) columns

  • Sorting (including sorting by multiple columns)

  • Grouping

  • Filtering (auto filter panel, multi-column filtering expressions)

  • Data summaries (total and group summaries, five predefined aggregate functions and special event to calculate summaries using custom rules)

  • Pull-to-refresh functionality

  • Load-more functionality

  • Conditional formatting

  • Custom cell appearances

  • Columns resizing

  • New item row

  • In-place data editing

  • Built-in popup menus

  • Column chooser

  • Swipe buttons

  • Localization

  • Theming

  • Export to Excel

  • Save and restore the grid's layout

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