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Bookmarks and Document Map

This topic describes how to use bookmarks for mapping the hierarchy of report elements to a document map that is displayed in a Print Preview, enabling readers to quickly navigate to a specific bookmarked location in a document. Report bookmarks can also be used to make entries in a table of contents.

This topic consists of the following sections.

Expanded Bookmarks Overview

A document map lists all report elements that have been assigned bookmarks. When such a report is being displayed in a Print Preview, the document map is shown in a platform-specific user interface. After clicking a specific bookmark in the document map, the Print Preview will skip to a document section containing the bookmarked element.

A document map is required to provide a report with a table of contents. At the same time, a document map can also be used to provide navigation though report pages.

To assign bookmarks to report elements, use the following properties.

  • The XRControl.Bookmark property specifies the bookmark text.

    To extract the bookmark text from a data source, bind this property to an appropriate data field.

    For a list of report controls supporting this property, refer to the next section of this document: Supported Controls.

  • The XRControl.BookmarkParent property specifies the report control whose bookmark is used as a parent for the current control's bookmark. This enables you to arrange bookmarks into a parent-child structure, reflecting the hierarchy of report elements. For example, the document map can be used to reflect the hierarchy of report groups or detail reports in a Print Preview to enable quick navigation through the document.

    Expanding a parent bookmark in a document map will display its subordinate bookmarks.


    Avoid cyclic bookmarks that occur when two bookmarks have been assigned as parents to each other. This scenario is not supported and will result in an exception being thrown when you attempt to create the document.

  • The XtraReport.Bookmark property specifies the title of a root bookmark displayed at the top of a document map's tree. This bookmark navigates at the top of a document's first page.

    Unless it has been assigned a title, the root bookmark displays the report name.

The document map generated for the Print Preview is exported to PDF along with the report.

For detailed instructions on creating bookmarks, see the following tutorials.

Expanded Supported Controls

Expanded Platform-Specific Considerations

The following documents describe the specifics of using the document map under different platforms.

Expanded See Also

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